Seriously Zara, stop it!

Happy monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend.

Autumn is around the corner. The temperature and the leaves have changed since we got here to West Virginia.

Autumn has always been one of my favorite seasons, not just because of the changing of the leaves and the cooler temperatures but, because of its fashion.

I love Fall fashion! All the sweaters, scarves, tights, boots…

Zara is one of those places that has been good to me for over a decade now. It always fits me well. From shoes, to coats, to pants. It usually all works.

So, I logged on a few nights ago to see what they came up with for Fall-Winter of 2011.

As usual, they didn’t disappoint. There are beautiful coats, trousers, skirts, dresses… and I love their color palette!

Then I checked the girls collection.

Oh my, it is wonderful!

Here are a few of my favorite picks. For Lily of course. 😉

What do you think? Do you have a favorite?

Look one:



I would like to share with you mamas a new online clothing company that I just recently discovered.

It’s called Next.

Have you heard of it?

I had never heard of them until I received a catalog in the mail.

They sent me a kids clothing catalog. (how do they know these things?)

I loved almost everything in the catalog! The clothes were fun, bright and kid like.

So, after studying the site for a few nights picking out my faves and after going through Lily’s clothes from last fall/winter, I finally ordered a few items.

The items arrived in 2 days (their regular shipping fees are $5.00) and I was so excited with what I received.

The items look exactly like they did in the catalog and online and the quality I would say is comparable to H&M. (not as good as Tea Collection by any means but also way less expensive)

I ordered size 3t because that’s what Lily is mostly wearing in babyGap and Old Navy however, everything is BIG on her.

I thought about sending back the items for a smaller size but…. what if they would shrink once they got washed?

I washed them. Nothing shrunk. Colors didn’t fade. (awesome!)

So, everything is big, no big deal, Lily is growing, if she doesn’t wear them this year, she will wear them next year.

I’m still happy with the merchandise and happy I found a new kids clothing company that has pretty much everything I like to dress Lily in.

Next is offering FREE SHIPPING until august 08, go take a look and happy shopping!

P.S.- I’m not getting paid in any way by Next (although I feel like I should 😉 ), I just like to share good things when I find them 🙂

P.P.S.- In case you are curious as to what I got Lily, here is the list:

Red suede button boot– got her a size uk6, she is almost wearing a 7t

Red check dress


Skinny cords

My dearest Lily,

I know you don’t believe me when I tell you but, soon you will be a big kid too, I promise.

This morning we went to Flamingo Park and you were in heaven.

There were big girls and big boys all around you, no one was smaller than you.

You don’t care much for babies (I don’t blame you, they don’t really do anything) but you are fascinated by big kids.

Big kids can do all the things you long to do. They get to run fast, jump, climb, talk, swing on their own…

As I tried hard to fight back tears while you tried hard to keep up with the big kids, a big smile came over my face.

Don’t we all want to be big when we are small?

I know I did.

Take your time ratinha, you will soon be a big kid.

Love you,


you don’t really care for kids in masks. now you see him, then you don’t

checking out and waving to the big kids

a new move for you


House hunting

It’s so hard isn’t it?

We have been looking at houses and it’s so hard to not look at a house as just an in the “now” house and look at it as an “in the future” house.

Whether or not we end up living in this future house forever, I like to think that we will.

My parents moved me around a lot when I was little and I like the thought of a house that Lily can grow up in and come back to when she gets older.

The yellow house is still a possibility for us however, we went to look at the house below on sunday and because of its larger square footage and layout, I see it more as a house where we can easily grow into as a grown family of 3 and possibly even 4 one day.

It’s not just hard picking out a house with the right price but also a neighborhood with kids, a neighborhood that is safe and quiet but with stuff going on not too far away, a neighborhood with good schools near by…

I know that once we find “our” house we will know it and even though we are closer than before, it still feels like we are far….

I wish you all a wonderful weekend. We will most likely go house hunting. 😉



Summer camp sucks!

I’m sure one day I will feel differently about summer camp (like when Lily is old enough to go) but, right now I’m not liking summer camp.

Well, not all summer camps, just the Flamingo Park Summer Camp program that has invaded Flamingo Park and Flamingo Park Pool.

Get this, because of summer camp, the Flamingo Park Pool is closed to the public from 9am-1pm every week day.


When are we supposed to go?

When it’s scolding hot in the afternoon? I think not.

Also, there were 50+ kids at the playground yesterday and only 4 counselors (busy chatting on a bench) to all of those 50+ kids.

It was insane!!

All the kids were 5 and older and they were running like crazy all over the place.

Lily was the only toddler there yesterday and it was so hard to keep her from getting run over.

The girls were all super sweet coming over to Lily, wanting to pick her up and wanting to take her under their wings.

In the meanwhile, the boys wanted to throw cars at her and throw her down the slide.

Lily still had a good time but I think that we will stick to the quiet park by our house and the beach until school is in session again.

P.S.- Let me know if you see a difference in the pictures. Lily took a nap yesterday so I played with photoshop a bit.



Big girl at the playground

Our Lily, she is getting so big.

Sometimes it is only at certain places when I realize how big she is getting.

Like at the playground.

She can do almost everything all by herself now.

She can climb up the slide and slide down by herself, she is curious and not afraid of bugs such as hairy caterpillars, she is starting to be more comfortable about approaching and being approached by other kids.

I can’t believe that not even a year ago we were at the park resting on a blanket and now she is all over the place by herself.

I am constantly in awe of how fast children grow.

Slow down time, slow down….


Understanding your kid’s brain

I think we could all use a little help understanding our kids’ brains.

Heck, I could use a little help understanding my own brain at times.

Her name is Carrie Contey and she is not your typical parenting expert.

She is awesome at explaining complex things (like the brain) in a simple and understanding way.

Check her out.

I would like to thank my awesome friend Ulrike who passed this helpful and insightful information onto me. (thanks mama!)


Let’s not leave the boys behind…

After I posted the post below, my friend Deanna commented on how her sister would like me to do the same thing for boys.

A challenge!

I must admit that it is way easier for me to dress the ladies but I have dressed a few men in my life.

So, here they are, my top looks for boys from Zara Spring 2011 Kids.

(Please let me know what you think. Do you like the looks? Would you dress your boy in them? Or does everything just suck?)