Little chef in the kitchen

Happy monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend.

Let me ask you something, who cooks in your house?

In this house, Will is the master chef. Not only does he enjoy it more than I do but, he is definitely better than I am.

These days however, Will has a little helper in the kitchen with him. Lily has taken an interest in cooking and being in the kitchen with her pai.

She loves putting on the apron and reminds him to put his on if he doesn’t have it on already and, she loves putting on the dish towel over her shoulder just like Will does.

Ever since she was able to sit on the kitchen counter, Will has sat Lily there and talked to her while cooking as well as taught her about spices by letting her smell every single one of the spice jars.

Even though I am a bit blown away by Lily’s 2 year old interest in cooking, it doesn’t really surprise me and I find it to be a beautiful way for Will and Lily to spend some bonding quality time together. (and hopefully she will come out cooking better than i do)

What about you guys? Are you the chef in your kitchen and do you cook with your little one?

on 2 different nights making dinner

making pancakes and with her mickey mouse pancake (her idea)

Oh! I almost forgot…. and the winner of the feather headband giveaway is…


Congratulations Natasha! Hope you, Olivia and Marco enjoy the feather headband. Please send me your address so I can send it to you.

A kitchen

Do you guys remember THIS kitchen?

Well, it is now in Lily’s bedroom.

That’s right, Lily is a lucky girl.

Aunt Min and Lulu let Lily have the kitchen fully equipped for as long as she would like. (Lulu would like it back one day for her own kiddos. 🙂 )

Lily loves it.

She has been having the greatest time making tea, food, and giving it to Elmo, BB and the rest of her dolls.

Will and I also love it and are super thankful because we were looking on Ebay and other places and not only did we not find anything as cute but, they are also ridiculously expensive! (like as high as $500.00!?)

So, thank you aunt Min and Lulu!


A night story

I went out with my brother, my cousin Vitor and his cousin Antonio last night.

It was a beautiful night out.

The moon was almost full.

The sky was clear.

The air was crisp.

We hit a couple of small places in town and it was wonderful to be out and about somewhere different, walking on the old cobbled stone streets surrounded by so much old architecture.

When I returned home, as I sat in the kitchen eating some buttered toast, I looked around and tried to find anything that connected me to this house.

I never lived in this house.

Other than my parents, there is nothing in it that makes me call it “home”.

Then I looked up at the chimney and there they were.

The nun and monk salt and pepper shakers.

I finally found something that I remember having around as a child.

It made me smile. 🙂

It was a good night.

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New territory

Lily has not been spending as much time on her play mat as she used to.

She is too busy exploring new territory.

She now crawls over to the sliding glass door to look out to the balcony, she crawls down the hallway, into the kitchen and this morning she had a great time exploring the bedroom.

Oh how wonderful to be that small where a tiny apartment can seem so BIG! 🙂

Here is Lily this morning having a wonderful time exploring new territory. Lily wears a onesie that was a gift.