Since shaving

It may sound totally silly and ridiculous but, ever since I started shaving, my life has become so much easier and care free.

I can go to the beach or the pool whenever I want.

I can wear whatever I want. (I was really limited in my wardrobe when I was waxing)

I actually have hair-free and smooth legs!!!

With waxing, I never had smooth legs.

There were always bumps, hair was always growing at different times, there was always that 2 week period where I had to let the hair grow in order to get waxed.

How come it took me so long to realize what a nightmare it really was!?

Maybe I would still be waxing if I wasn’t a mom and had more time but, I’m glad I’m back to shaving.

Shaving is way less expensive, takes way less time (believe it or not) and I actually get the results I want.

So, yay for shaving!!

Hope you all have a fab and hair-free weekend. 🙂

Homeopathic worked!

We took Lily to the pediatrician for a follow-up yesterday.

Her ear infection is gone! 🙂

The Herb Pharm Mullein/Garlic drops totally worked. (along with Lily’s strong immune system)

The one thing I really appreciate about Lily’s pediatrician is that she always tries the homeopathic way first.

Since Lily’s ear infection was gone, she got her 15 month old shots. (2 of them)

She didn’t even cry! (she’s so good)


12 month check-up

Lily had her 12 month check-up yesterday.

She is now 30″ long (75 percentile) and 21.7lbs (65 percentile).

Dr. Salinas was happy with her weight. I guess she was expecting it to have dropped since Lily started walking.

I was happy that she was happy since I’ve been feeling like Lily has just basically gotten a lot longer and skinnier. (she seems all legs these days)

She also got her MMR shot (please no crap about shots, again, it’s a personal decision) and had her TB skin test.

She continues to be SO good at her visits.

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oh! and we also had a successful urine test. finally!


At first I told her “no”

When Lily and I got to the park yesterday morning, not only was there no one in sight but also after almost 2 days of continuous rain, the sand area was a HUGE puddle. (more like a kiddie pool, really)

Of course Lily saw all that water and wanted to get in it immediately.

I tried to distract her by taking her to the slides, the tire, Clifford, nothing worked.

She kept on going towards the water and I kept on telling her “no”.

Then I thought to myself: ” If we were in West Virginia, what would I do?”

I took off Lily’s pants and let her dip her legs in the water.

Of course that wasn’t enough for her so I then took off her shirt as well.

I mean, why not?

It’s only rain water.

She had a blast!!

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hands in first


Weekend fun

We had a mellow but super fun weekend.

We went for walks, out to eat, took naps, slept in.

Lily has been using her little legs and arms a lot lately.

Standing up, sitting back down, wanting us to walk with her.

She also loves to wave her arms up and down to dance. This is something Will has been practicing with her in the mornings. 😉

Here are some of our fun moments caught on camera.

sitting pretty