Fantasy cooking school

Wednesday morning instead of going to the library as usual, we went to the Miami Beach Botanical Garden for a free kids performance.

Fantasy cooking school consisted of 3 actors playing different characters and even though it was complete silliness for 1 hour, Lily and all her little friends seemed to have enjoyed their first piece of live theater.

Afterwards we enjoyed the new grounds and a little picnic.

Here are some fun pictures, happy friday everyone!

left: Lily, Ivy and Sofia. right: William, McCoy and Lily

tiny movers and shakers



Hi everyone!

I wore sandals to the park yesterday. Sandals!

It’s been in the high 70’s all week and I’m not liking it. (am i complaining? maybe)

I miss my socks and boots.

We are going to try to make it to the library today. It’s been forever since we have been there.

Have a great day!

looks like i’m pregnant doesn’t it? well, i’m not. yet

Life is pretty sweet

Happy friday everyone!

Last night while in bed, I couldn’t sleep so I started going through my cell phone pictures.

As I flipped through my pictures, I thought about how much you can tell about someone and their life by the pictures on their phone.

I kept on flipping and a huge smile came over my face and I thought, life is pretty sweet!

Don’t get me wrong, Will and I argue sometimes, I have tiring and challenging days with Lily, we’re not living in the house of our dreams, we have everyday struggles but, in this 1 bedroom apartment, we are within walking distance to good friends, the beach, parks, libraries, restaurants, culture… and, most importantly, we get to spend a lot of family time together.

I wish you all a sweet weekend!

Here’s a cell re-cap of our week.

on the way to the park

Lily in her own world

through different eyes


This past week

This past week, Lily and I did our best to pick up where we left off and have our regular routine back by going to the park, the library, bike rides (i missed Sally like crazy!), walks on Lincoln Rd, having painting and playing sessions at home and swimming at Flamingo pool.

We are trying to spend as much time together as a family (D and K included) because Lily and I will be leaving for Portugal on monday for 1 month and Will is not coming with us this year. 🙁

A month is a long time, it’s the longest we will be apart.

Oh! And I became an aunt on wednesday!! My brother and his girlfriend in Portugal welcomed their first baby to the world.

I’m so excited to be meeting baby Dicky on tuesday. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

a family walk down Lincoln Rd

a bike ride to the library

Lily painting in her room


Run Lily Run

I love watching Lily run.

She has this funny little run, and when she first starts running she looks very concentrated and has this face like she can’t believe she can do it.

Then a few steps into it, she gets a big smile and sometimes even lets out a squeal. 🙂

Here she is running around the library courtyard yesterday.

I wish you all a wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend!



Dress Style

Aren’t dresses the easiest garment to put on?

Living in a hot climate (Miami) I find that dresses are a must!

Not only are dresses the coolest thing to wear but, they are also the most practical.

No matter how nice skirts and shorts are, you still have to think about what top to put on with them.

With dresses, you throw it on and that’s it!

These pictures were actually taken last week at the library courtyard.

Lily’s friend Leona happened to have been there that day and they had a good time playing after story time.

As always, linking up to Morgan, the hostess of Small Style.


Rain-forest at the library

Yesterday was the last themed program at the library.

The collaboration between The Miami Beach Library with Jungle Island was wonderful.

First we had birds of paradise, then reptiles and yesterday we had rain-forest which was a nice combination of both.

All the kids loved learning about all the animals and of course getting to pet them.

Can I just say one more time that… we LOVE our library!



Salt Water style

One thing I have learned about living here in Miami is that when it comes to shoes, Lily really doesn’t need more than 2 pairs at a time.

I overbought shoes in the first year (because I’m a bit of a shoe freak) but, I learned my lesson.

As many wonderful kids shoes as there are out there, there is no need to spend money where money shouldn’t be spent.

So, this Spring/Summer season, Lily has 2 pairs of sandals.

If you have been coming here for Small Style, you know that they are the green Salt Waters (the green was on sale for a great price and it just so happens to go with EVERYTHING!) and the brown and fuschia Soft Star Shoes.

And you know what?

When those get small, I will just get her the same brands in a different color or style because they are wonderful!

Lily rocked her green Salt Waters all week long! 🙂

Morgan at Mama loves Papa is the hostess to Small Style, go on over and link up!


Lily’s small style

This past week was filled with dresses for the most part because it is getting hot out!

Small style… you know who completely blows my mind?

Stella McCartney!!

Not only is she my favorite women’s designer but once she had her own kids, she started a design a line for kids.

Have you all checked it out?

Take a LOOK, it’s insane!!!!

I loved the line she did for Gapkids, it was a bit pricey but I did manage to grab the sweetest little dress for Lily on sale for $12.99. (the monday picture)

It’s labeled as a 3T but it’s obviously not.

It’s by far one of my favorite dresses that Lily has at the moment.

What are some of your favorite children designers? (even if you can’t afford them 😉 )

As always I am linking this small style to Mama loves Papa.