Library update

Yesterday I took Lily to the toddler program at the library.

The toddler program is for 18 months-3 years old.

The last 2 times Lily and I went to our regular program (newborn-18 months), I found her to be quite bored and not wanting to participate in anything.

It makes sense to me since we have been in that class since she was 4 months old and she is now one of the oldest kids in that room.

Well, I think even though she is 15 months, she is ready for the toddler program.

She was so excited to be amongst the bigger kids and just in awe of everything they were doing.

I think being around older kids will help her a lot in wanting to talk and do things on her own.

She was also pleasantly surprised when Camilla (who we had met the day before at Flamingo Park) showed up. (I had told her dad about the program)


Lincoln Rd is our backyard

Despite my bad mood yesterday, we did go to the library in the morning and played on Lincoln Rd in the afternoon.

After all, my bad mood is not Lily’s fault.

Lincoln Rd often feels like our backyard.

It’s where we go when we want to get out of the house and I don’t feel like going to the park.

It’s only 2 blocks away and Lily loves watching everyone walk by.

playing dead


All better!

I was exhausted yesterday.

After two awful nights with Lily, I was like a walking zombie. (I really do need my night sleep)

We ended up going to the library in the morning after all.

Lily didn’t have much of a fever and she seemed in good spirits.

Once we got back home, I tried giving her some lunch but she still didn’t have much of an appetite.

I checked her fever and it was back up to almost 101.

Because she was cranky and in pain, I decided to give her some Ibuprofen before putting her down for her nap.

Well, it was the worst nap she ever took!

She woke up 4 times in the first 45 minutes of being asleep.

Then, woke up again twice in the next hour.

Every time she woke up, she was crying and cranky.

I know that when she wakes like that she isn’t ready to be awake yet so I kept on putting her back to sleep.

She finally slept for an hour straight and when she woke up she was her regular chipper self.

She woke up a whole different person.

Whatever was going on, I think she finally fought through during her crazy 3 hour nap.

She had a great lunch after her nap, we went to the park, she had a great dinner (YAY! her appetite is back), she went to sleep at her regular time and slept until 6am this morning.

Looks like she is all better. πŸ™‚

Lily and I on our way to the library

Good little student

Library day has been moved from mondays to wednesdays to tuesdays.

While  we waited for the story telling room to be opened yesterday, Lily sat on a chair at a little table and looked through a book. πŸ™‚

Once class took place, more and more new faces kept coming in.

I had never seen class that full before!

Some kids scream, some cry, some can’t sit still…

But not Lily, she is a good little student. πŸ˜‰ (and same goes for Sofia and Dylan πŸ™‚ )


Entertaining Lily around snow

I must say that entertaining Lily during the day is much more of a challenge this time around.

Last year she was just short of 2 months so it didn’t matter if she didn’t go outside and in August we were always out.

She wants to be out but it gets too cold and she is just not that into snow yet where she can easily play with it.

So, between a few trips outside on the sled, on the swing and playing inside is how we have been spending our days while everyone is at work.



Happy birthday dear Sofia!!

Today is little Sofia’s first birthday! πŸ™‚

I can’t believe both her and Lily are 1 already.

We met Sofia and her mommy Claudia at the park back in April.

Lily and Sofia were 5 and 4 months old.

We have been together almost daily since we met.

They have experienced the many of firsts together.

It has been such a pleasure watching these two little ones grow.

We are so thankful for having such wonderful friends like them.


We love you!

(Now excuse me while I take a long emotional trip down Lily and Sofia’s memory lane)

April 2010

their first play date at the park

their first beach trip together



Lily and Sofia have been going on a lovefest lately.

Well, I should actually say that Sofia has been going on a lovefest with Lily lately.

Sofia loves hugging Lily.

And well, Lily is getting better at putting up with it. πŸ˜‰

You know Sofia is the sweet one and Lily is the spicy one.

They are killing me these days. KILLING me!!

This lovefest took place yesterday at the library during story time.

Sofia makes her move


The weekend

I hope you all had a great weekend.

It was a good and mellow one here. (still trying to recover from our month in Portugal and our trip back)

Our weekend started friday with AMW’s 1st birthday party. We know AMW through the library.

Her party was at the beautiful Emanu-El Temple near our house.

There was arts and crafts, lots of toys and kids for Lily to play with and there was sing along also! (even though it was in Hebrew, that didn’t stop Lily from dancing!)

Both Lily and I had a great time.

On our ride home, we stopped off to look at my favorite Christmas tree.

I don’t really know why it’s my favorite tree.

There is nothing really special about it, really. It is mostly lights.

I think the reason I like it so much is because through the years that I was working, on the way home, I would ride past it and it would just give me a warm Christmas feeling.

It was the first real time that Lily saw a Christmas tree. (last year doesn’t really count since she was not even 2 months old)

She was fascinated by all the lights.

Saturday night we went out to dinner and stared at the beautiful full moon.

Did everyone have a chance to see her? She has been just amazing lately.

On sunday, while I did some things around the house, Will took Lily to the beach.

It had been a little over a month since she had been there and even though the water is definitely colder, you know her, she had to get in it.

She can now walk herself to the water. Watch out!!

Hope you all have a great week.

Happy monday!!! πŸ™‚ (can’t believe Thanksgiving is this thursday)

getting crafty with it


Library wednesday

Yesterday was our first day back to the library after not having gone for a month and oh boy was Lily happy to be there!!

We arrived a bit early (fast bike ride) so she got to chill and look at some books by herself for a little while.

Once class started and everyone circled around the rug, she had the face of “oh, I remember this…”

Our friend Zura was also there with Lien and it was great seeing the both of them after not having seen them for such a long time.

Lien has also grown so much!

We missed the library…

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so happy to be surrounded by books