Cu-Cu Lily!!

Cu-Cu Lily! I say to her.

Cu-Cu (like coocoo) means peekaboo in Portuguese.

Lily loves peaking through things these days.

While at the library she seems more entertained looking through and playing with the red basket that carries the toys than the toys themselves.

And while at the playground, she loves looking through the holes on the slide platform.

So Cu-Cu Lily! Cu-Cu!!!!!

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at the library. Lily wears a dress by babyGap

at the playground

A different kind of “in the know”

When entering the library yesterday morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see Cari with her niece Amanda.

I had met Cari with Amanda at the playground the previous week and had told her about library mondays.

We all had a wonderful time singing and listening to story time as usual and before leaving Cari asked for my number.

Cari: “Claudia, can I get your number? You seem to be the mom in the know”.

A quick flashback went through me.

Not too long (but yet what seems to be lifetime ago) when I worked retail, I was the one my co-workers would refer customers and hotel guests to.

Back then, I was in the know of the hottest clubs, restaurants, lounges, anything that had to do with going out on this beach on any day of the week.

How my life has changed, I quickly thought to myself.

Me: “When did that happen?”

Now I’m in the know of library mondays, afternoon pool tuesdays at Sebastian’s, meet-up beach thursdays, music classes, free museum days, diapers, cereal, strollers, bottles, blankets….anything that has to do with babies.

A big smile came across my face….thank you Lily! 🙂

Lily and I on the way to the library. Lily wears a hat by Patagonia and dress by babyGap

Monday fun

Mondays have turned out to be quite the busy and fun day for Lily (and me of course).

We are out of the house by 9:00am to meet Claudia and Sofia at their building so then we can all catch the bus together to the library.

Once at the library, class starts at 10:00am. There is story telling, singing, playing and some napping also (Sofia ;)).

Lily wears pants by babyGap and shirt by Zutano


Must have of the day

Library mondays!!!!!

If you are a new mom like myself and do not have many mommy friends like I didn’t, you should really check out what kind of free programs your town has to offer.

On mondays our local library does story telling and singing for babies until 18 months old for free! (They also do it on tuesdays and thursdays but from 18 months- 3 years old)

I have met some great moms through the library and Lily has met some awesome babies to play with.

Free and fun programs that your town has to offer? It’s a “Must”!

Here are some fun shots of Lily at the library yesterday with her friends. Lily wears a jumper by babyGap.

Lily and Sofia

Lien, Lily and Sofia


First official field trip

Today we went on a field trip to a wonderful organic farm right here in Miami called The Earth N Us.

Claudia and Sofia picked Lily and I up, and we met up at the farm with our new friends that we met at the library, Sherrie with McCoy and Zura with Lien.

The farm is hidden in Little Haiti and what a little gem it is!

We saw chickens, ducks, goats, pigs, ostriches. I think the chickens were Lily’s favorites.

There were beautiful flowers, fruit trees, trees in full bloom. It felt like we were elsewhere.

We were all having tons of fun and then out of nowhere, Lily started feeling not so well. She started vomiting non stop.

Instead of coming straight home, Claudia took us to Lily’s pediatrician first. Dr. Salinas checked Lily over and after making sure that she didn’t have a fever or anything too serious, we came back home.

I think Lily was vomiting as a side effect of the shots she had yesterday.

It was a tough afternoon for us. Lily continued on not feeling well and Will and I continued on worrying and wishing we were the ones not feeling well.

After Pedialyte and a bit of rice cereal that didn’t stay down, breast feeding went well and the milk didn’t come back up.

A much better Lily is now sleeping and hopefully she will feel all better tomorrow.

Here are some fun shots of our trip to the organic farm. Lily wears a romper by babyGap.


Library monday!

Going to the library on mondays has been a great way to start the week.

Lily and I usually leave the house at 9:00a.m. in order to be at Claudia’s and Sofia’s by 9:15. We then walk to the bus stop together (it is way too hot to walk over a mile to the library). By the time we reach the library, it is just before 10:00.

There is story telling and singing until about 10:45 and then a basket of toys is put in the middle of the rug so all the little ones can have some play time together.

Toy time usually gets a little crazy because everyone wants each others toy but, it’s all in good fun.

Today, we met two new moms who had not been there before. Sherrie with 6 month old McCoy and Zura with 5.5 month old Lien.

It’s a wonderful way for Lily to meet other babies and for me to meet other mommies. 😉

Here is Lily today at the library wearing a dress by babyGap.

Must have of the day

After not seeing Sofia and Claudia for 4 days, Lily was quite happy when we all met up again first in the morning to go to the library and then later at the park.

Quality time with our friends Claudia and Sofia? It’s a “Must”!

Here are Lily and Sofia playing at the library and at the park. Lily wears a top by Old Navy and pants by babyGap that were a gift from avo Hayes and aunt Sarah and at the park Lily wears top by Zutano and shorts by Old Navy.


Lily’s first bus trip!

Going to the library for singing and story reading time is becoming one of our fun morning things to do. Specially since Claudia and Sofia join us.

Yesterday we all walked to the library. It’s about 1 mile there and 1 mile back home.

It was ok going there but on the way back, we were all overheated!! (It is getting too hot too early.)

So today, we all took the bus there!

It was Lily’s and Sofia’s first time on a bus. 🙂

It worked out great. Lily and I walked over to Sofia’s house and we all walked to the bus stop together which is right around the corner from Sofia’s.

It only costs $.25 each way and it gets us there and back in 15 minutes each way.

We will be taking the bus to the library from now on. 😉

Here are some pictures from our trip to the library today. Lily wears hat and top by Old Navy.

Another rainy monday

What a rainy day yesterday was!

Lily and I were out of the house by 9:15a.m. on our way to the library for some story and singing time but as we kept walking, the sky got darker and darker along with some sprinkles coming down.

I decided that it would be better to not risk going all the way there and it’s a good thing I did because it started pouring 5 minutes after we had returned home.

We did manage to stroll for a good hour and we saw some flowers that we had not seen before, some piu pius (little birds for babies in Portuguese) and some fish in the new Lincoln Rd water features (or ponds if you will).

Here are some of the flowers, piu pius and fish we saw. I really loved these first orange ones. They look like they are made out of tissue paper.