i need a sleepcation


you guys, it’s true what they say

you know, that once you become a mom you will never sleep like you used to

i feel like i haven’t gotten a really good night sleep since i got pregnant with Lily (hello 2009)

due to needing a new mattress but haven’t gotten around to buying a new one, i wake up aching and not rested

due to Lily waking sometimes in the middle of the night, i sometimes can’t get right back to sleep

due to my own thoughts about maybe not doing enough as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, human, i sometimes can’t get to sleep

i want to lock myself up in a hotel room and take a sleeping pill (or two) and just sleep for days

i want to feel rested again

i want to feel light and not heavy

i want to dream again….

home, sweet Miami home

i am home

back in Miami

NYC was so much fun!!!

it was great seeing old friends, the wedding was amazing and it was wonderful being in the city (a place where i spent most of my twenties)

between my cell phone and my camera i have near one thousand pictures that i need to look through before i share them with you

yes, you read that right

almost one thousand

i’m going to take my time

this was the longest Lily and i had ever been apart and although we were both fine and having fun, we both missed each other terribly and were ready for me to come home

i hope you all had a great weekend and happy monday everyone!