Things we LOVE!

As far as pajamas go, we have had all different kinds. Sleepers in cotton and in fleece with feet that either zipper up or snap up.

I find that Lily is the happiest with her feet not covered while she sleeps. She’s like me this way. I can’t sleep with socks on.

When it comes to changing her during the night while I’m half asleep, pull on pants are the easiest you can get. Zippers can get tricky and snaps take too long.

That’s why we LOVE these pajamas by Old Navy!

They are soft, easy, they have owls on them. They just make us happy. 🙂

We actually just ordered some more in bigger sizes and in other fun prints. (More pictures to come.)

Here is a happy Lily in her Old Navy pajamas.

Day 4 (and last) of Will’s trip away from home

Yesterday Lily and I woke up at 8am. That’s a bit later than usual. Lily sleeps longer when she is next to either me or Will.

Morning was mellow as usual. Coffee for me, play mat, toys, Elmo, India Arie and the ABC’s for Lily.

After she took her little morning nap which gave me just enough time to take a shower and get dressed, we headed off to visit my ex co-workers.

Every body was so surprised at how big Lily got in the 2 weeks that they hadn’t seen her.

On the way back home, I thought about work, I thought about my co-workers, I thought about the daily routine I had for 6 years.

Do I miss it? NO!

Despite it being all new and challenging, I am SO fortunate to be able to be with Lily all day, every day.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It is tiring. I am pooped but, it’s moments like when she wakes from her naps, and I go to rescue her from her crib and she gives me the biggest smile of relief that make it all worth while.

What I do miss, is my ex co-workers and adult conversation. But that’s what visits are for. 😉

Will arrives today. We are anxiously waiting for him.

Here are Lily and I having a morning moment. Lily wears pajamas by Old Navy.

Things we LOVE!

The beach!

We are fortunate to live within a 15 minute walk to the beach and although it’s winter here in Miami, it’s still beach weather.

The water is a bit cooler than in the summer time but that doesn’t stop us from going and dipping our toes.

Lily doesn’t mind the sand or the water. 🙂

This is Lily yesterday wearing a hoodie and pants both by Tea.

Day 3 of Will’s trip away from home

Another smooth day with Lily yesterday.

It wasn’t has gloomy or rainy like on monday so we got to be outside a lot more and even hang out at the beach at the end of the day.

Her tummy is acting up a little though. It started last week. She had 3 days (not repeated) when she didn’t have any bowel movements. She usually has anywhere from 5-7 a day. Yesterday she only had 1 and the day before 2.

It could be that she is in a different stage, or it could be that she is starting to teeth…

She is still not taking the bottle and still wakes up 3-4 times during the night. I wish she would have longer sleeping patterns.

She is however having interest in food. She pays very close attention to everything I put in my mouth. So far I have let her lick the inside of apples (she loved it) and yesterday I gave her some sweet potato.

She liked the taste of the sweet potato, she just is not sure of what to do with her tongue so a lot of it comes back out. Looks like she is not quite ready for food yet which is upsetting to Will who is dying to cook for her.

Speaking of Will, we miss him. (sigh)

Here we are at the beach yesterday. Lily wears a hoodie and pants by Tea and a dress by Old Navy.

Things we LOVE!

We LOVE this little dress, now tunic that we got from babyGap for Lily before she was even born.

The first time she wore it was on Thanksgiving, November 26 2009, she was only 19 days old. She wore it with navy babyGap tights.

Through the months as she’s grown, it has transformed from a dress with tights to a tunic with leggings or knit pants.

I’m sad to say, today was the last day for this dress/tunic. She has outgrown it! :(. We have LOVED it.

Wishing we had bought one in every size so she would have one until she’s 12, this will be one of her baby pieces that we will hold onto for her so we can one day show her just how little she was.

Here is Lily 19 days old wearing the dress and tights both by babyGap, at 2 months old wearing the same dress with leggings by Old Navy and today wearing the dress with knit pants, socks and shoes all by babyGap.

Must have of the day

Being an artist and an art lover, I can’t believe I haven’t really posted much ART.

ART is a “MUST” in any home we will live in. Lily is already a little fan of ART. She stares at every painting we have in the house.

I’m in love with Paola Zakimi’s art on Etsy. I think it is perfect for a child’s room.

These prints are a “Must” in Lily’s imaginary room. 😉

Day 2 of Will’s trip away from home

Yesterday went quite well.

It was a gloomy and rainy day here so Lily and I didn’t get as many walks as we usually do but she didn’t get too cranky about it. She loves being out and about.

Unlike all the other days, she actually took a long (almost 2 hours) nap in the morning. She was up throughout the rest of the day and finally went to sleep at 8pm.

When she first went to sleep, I put her in her crib like I always do. However, when she woke up for her feeding, I let her stay in bed with me for the whole rest of the night.

This is not something we usually do. If anything, we let her stay in bed with us after the last feeding of the night which usually happens at 5am.

She slept close to me and because there was more room in the bed I got to enjoy it. She was my little snuggle bunny!

I remember when I was little, whenever my father would be away, my mom would let me sleep with her. Those are always wonderful memories. Sleeping close to my mom while she would rub my head…a habit she created and I still have.

Sure Lily is too little to remember now but, maybe this will be a tradition we will start of our own whenever Will is away. 😉

And yes, we do miss Will like crazy!

Here is the little face that woke up next to me. (This picture was taken in Lily’s crib actually) Lily wears pajamas that were a gift and her bedding is Skip Hop.

and a SHOUT OUT to…

Jennifer Matos (aka Chloe’s mommy) who lives in New Jersey and has been a daily LilmuseLily reader since she found it!

Chloe was born on November 02, 2009, Lily’s due date! They are both the same age.

Thank you for “following” us Jennifer and giving this blog more meaning than it already had. 🙂

Here is to Chloe (what a cutie!) and Jennifer!

Things we LOVE!

Elmo, India Arie and the ABC’s!!

Lily LOVES this ABC song version with Elmo and India Arie.  We play it for her every morning on the laptop. If we happen to forget, she starts staring at the laptop and cooing like crazy!

I’m not sure why this one in particular, none of the other ones capture her like this one but I think it’s the bright colors.

She does not take her eyes off the screen the whole time. 🙂 has a bunch of great videos and games but, you can also find the Elmo and India Arie ABC’s version on

Must have of the day

More furniture for Lily’s room that she doesn’t have yet but that I have in my head.

These Hiromatsu Children’s Furniture by designer Yu Watanabe are like nothing I’ve ever seen! Inhabitots always has amazing finds but these are a “Must”!

So they’re not traditional (we’ll leave that for morals and values) but they are clever, creative and funky!

P.S.- I didn’t look at prices. Why spoil the dream?