41/52. twenty twenty

“a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2020”


it’s getting harder to keep this 52 project going with only being with Lilian every other week but i am trying my best to keep going

it’s important to me

and maybe some day it will be important to her too

this was our last picture together before we were apart for two weeks (it was painful)

she was in west virginia with William visiting family and i went to los angeles to visit Connie

thankfully we are together now for two weeks

40/52. twenty twenty

“a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2020”


reading her “book” on a rainy afternoon

she’s only been gone for two days and i miss her like crazy already

ten more days until i see her face again

and fourteen more days until she comes to stay with me again

time cannot go by fast enough…

happy monday friends


it’s saturday morning and i’m writing this post in bed while sipping coffee

it’s quiet

Lilian is at William’s for the week

this will be our second time sharing her this way since she and i moved into our casa azul

our life is different these days

the same in many ways but different

it’s been a while since i have come here to share anything other than project fifty two posts

and i am not sure if this morning is the time to share the emotions of going through a separation and having to start over again on my own

this morning i mostly just want to share pictures from our week at folly beach during the first week of back to school

summer was certainly different this year

for everyone i guess

i’m thankful that we were able to get some beach time

it had been since february since i/we had seen the ocean

the beach is still where i feel my best and where i feel we are our happiest

until next time. hopefully sooner than later