Still one of my favorite things…..

One of my favorite things to do with Lily when we are home is to lounge and play on mine and Will’s bed.

It is something that she and I have been doing since she was born and it never gets old.

Actually, as she gets older, it gets better!

We cuddle, wrestle, laugh, tickle, sing and every once in a while she even leans over and gives me beijinhos! (Portuguese for kisses)

It is just the best!

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Summer fashion week- day 2 (really 3)

Today’s fashion post is about beach style. (since Lily and I went to the beach this morning)

My favorite things to wear to the beach are a hat, sunglasses, a long sleeved cotton tunic (I prefer long sleeves so the sun is not beating straight down on the skin, it’s less hot believe it or not), long lounge pants and flip flops.

hat (vintage* BCBG), sunglasses (vintage* Marc Jacobs), tunic (vintage* Letarte), bikini (vintage* GAP)