The Sanchez visit WV

Last week on their way to drop off Lulu at college in NYC, our dear Sanchez friends stopped by to visit us here in West Virginia for a couple of days.

Although the weather was not the best when they were here, we got relax, make several garden trips and cook.

Lily was loving her aunt Min, all you heard while she was here was “Min.”, “Min.”, “Min, come”.

On their last day here, we did manage to show them the beautiful views from Snowshoe and we all had a yummy dinner at Elk River as well.

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Hope everyone is having a safe weekend!



A kitchen

Do you guys remember THIS kitchen?

Well, it is now in Lily’s bedroom.

That’s right, Lily is a lucky girl.

Aunt Min and Lulu let Lily have the kitchen fully equipped for as long as she would like. (Lulu would like it back one day for her own kiddos. 🙂 )

Lily loves it.

She has been having the greatest time making tea, food, and giving it to Elmo, BB and the rest of her dolls.

Will and I also love it and are super thankful because we were looking on Ebay and other places and not only did we not find anything as cute but, they are also ridiculously expensive! (like as high as $500.00!?)

So, thank you aunt Min and Lulu!


Mamas & their babies

Min is the coolest person I know.

This is kind of like a joke between her, Will and I but, she seriously is the coolest person.

Not only did she live in NYC in the 80’s amongst friends like Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring and Madonna but, no matter what situation arises, she always keeps her cool and always (always!) finds a solution.

You know what else makes Min the coolest person?

She is one of the best moms that I know.

Min and Lulu have one of the most beautiful and open mother-daughter relationships.

I met Min in 2002 when she interviewed me to work for her and right away we hit it off.

She was an awesome manager, she has remained a great friend, she is a wonderful mom, she is like the older sister I never had.

When I thought of becoming a mom, I always thought of Min. (having worked with her, I always saw her put Lulu and her family first)

Lulu will be going to college this coming fall and my heart is breaking for Min.

But you know what?

Min is sending out an independent, strong, smart, well centered young woman.

So, meet Min and her daughter Lulu, my greatest mother-daughter inspiration.



A DASHing evening

Last night I went to the beautiful Moore Building in the design district to go see DASH‘s Vernissage fashion show put out by its most talented senior and junior designers.

My friend Min’s daughter Lulu was without a doubt the star of the show.

Not only did the super talented and beautiful Lulu (Lucia Del Sanchez, remember that name) start the show by modeling a classmate’s dress but she also had her own collection and the finale piece.

I was blown away by the amazing talent of all the young artists. (I mean, it’s high school you guys!)

The show was breathtaking.

From the setting, to the music, to the clothes, it will probably be the closest I will ever feel to a Paris fashion show.

It was a great night and we are all so super proud of Lulu!


A sunday dinner at the Sanchez house

Last night we went over to the Sanchez house for a yummy dinner.

It is always good to see Min, Oli and Lulu and we were happy to finally introduce aunt Sarah.

Lily loves to explore the Sanchez house and yard.

There are all sorts of vintage toys for her to play with inside and chickens for her to play with outside.

It was a great night.

Hope you all had a great weekend.



The Sanchez playhouse

Yesterday Lily and I had a visit from aunt Min that spontaneously turned into a visit back at her house.

I love going to the Sanchez residence. It’s like Peewee’s Playhouse!

There are all sorts of fun stuff around.

Super cool furniture, mirrors, toys, art, chickens…

Aunt Min and uncle Oli made a great dinner and we all just hung out and caught up on life and Lily. 😉

It was a great day. (thanks Min, Oli and Lulu!)

This weekend we will start celebrating Will’s birthday which is on monday.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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Lily chasing Pelunia

Pelunia. she’s a polish chicken