with this ring…

i’m sure everyone is eager to see pictures of Michael and Robbie’s wedding

how could you not?

it was beautiful

i have 806 color and 630 b&w pictures of the wedding alone

i’m not very good at editing (have you met me?)

every time i start looking at the pictures, i get overwhelmed and stop

i do however just want to say that i’m so happy that our dear friends were able to marry in the state of new york

because i do believe that anybody should be able to marry the one they love

congratulations Michael and Robbie!!

tickle me pink

most of you don’t know that Will is a wonderful writer

it’s how i fell in love with him before even meeting him

before he left to wv, just like in our old dating days, he hid a bunch of sweet messages written on post-its throughout the apartment

unlike Carrie who got broken up with on a post-it, i am always a happy girl when i find one

i have now found five sweet post-its

i also came home to beautiful flowers on saturday that he sent to me all the way from wv

and even though they did not make the cold go away, they definitely brightened up my day

and continue to do so

as does Will

Everyday life, a challenge

Linking to Rachel and Elizabeth with this week’s drawing challenge, “Everyday life”.

I must tell you that today is a gloomy day.

Not outside or weather wise but within me.

Sometimes with motherhood and in marriage my greatest challenge is to still be able to find a great sense of self.

Today is one of those days where I don’t feel like myself and I seem to have forgotten a great deal of myself, who I am and who I used to be.

But, all must be put aside because there are Elmos, Ernies and Abbies to be drawn and mommy and Lily hands to be traced.

And, I know all too well that these feelings come and go therefore tomorrow will be yet again another sunny day.