Mamas & their babies

I met Margaret in NYC in 2003 when we were both working for Me&Ro.

Right away I could tell that she was a force to be reckoned with.

I left NYC in 2004 and lost touch with her however, we have been recently reconnected through Facebook.

Margaret is now married, has 2 beautiful daughters of her own, a stepson and works full time.

Before taking a new position as an art director, Margaret had her own successful business.

She also has Tigering, her great blog whose name is so suiting since she is a tiger!

(Photos by Margaret)


Mommy Style Update

I’m trying to get back into fashion because I have missed it. (don’t worry, it is still a baby blog and there will still be a lot of Lily pictures)

I’m trying to actually get “dressed” every day like I used to before Lily was born.

I feel like I have become quite lazy about dressing and taking care of myself so, I figured this will at least make me motivated.

It might not be a daily post, or it might , either way, here’s the debut of MOMMY STYLE UPDATE.

Today: The classic white shirt.

Everyone has done it.

Mine is actually a pajama top that was hanging in my closet so I thought “why not?”.

Lily and I went to the library, to lunch and to the post office and this is what we wore:



Things we LOVE!

Lily and I went for another walk early this morning and stopped at a water fountain on Lincoln Rd because it had all these flowers that had fallen from the trees floating in the water.

The result? These pictures that we just LOVE!

(It also reminded us of our friend Keith who does beautiful flower in water art at Me&Ro)