Lately I have been feeling very overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed by how long it has been since I have seen my family.

Overwhelmed with trying to buy tickets to Portugal and when to go.

Overwhelmed by how fast Lily is growing and how big she is. (can’t believe she is almost 10 months old!)

Overwhelmed by how hot it is. (summers in Miami kill me)

Overwhelmed by how unmotivated I am lately. (I think it’s the heat, it makes me lethargic)

Overwhelmed by how long it has been since I have painted. (afraid I don’t even know how to anymore…)

Overwhelmed with trying to make a decision about moving. Do we stay in Miami or do we go somewhere else? (the heat plays a huge factor)

Overwhelmed by the loss of a friend.

Overwhelmed by the birth of another. (isn’t it ironic how that works…)

Overwhelmed by life…

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Fun with aunt Sarah

We are so happy that we adultnapped aunt Sarah for the week. (we want to show her Miami better and try to convince her to move here. ;))

It is truly great that Lily gets to spend some extra time with her now that she is finally familiar and super comfortable with her aunt Sarah.

We have been to the beach, the Miami Beach Botanical Garden and of course the park! (there has also been some girl shopping time.)

We will definitely be sad to see her leave on saturday. πŸ™ (time is going by so fast! i think time goes by slower in West Virginia…)

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Lily and aunt Sarah at the beach

Lily missed the taste of sand


Home sweet home

Well, we are back in Miami!

We actually ended up leaving on sunday instead of saturday because we brought aunt Sarah with us. Yup, we adultnapped her. πŸ˜‰

After a very, very long drive mostly during the night, we finally arrived at around 2:00 pm yesterday.

Lily was sooooooo good, she slept almost the whole entire time!

When we got home, we had the nicest welcome from auntie K who had made welcome signs for us and bought fresh flowers for our empty vases. She also took very good care of our plants while we were away.

Thank you auntie K! You are the best!!

We already miss West Virginia but it also always feels good to be home…

Lily sleeping in the car

aunt Sarah driving while Will finally rests


Last day :(

Today is our last full day here in WV.

We will be packing up the car and driving back to Miami tomorrow afternoon.

We are sad to leave but we feel blessed to have had such an amazing two weeks here.

We will deeply miss our family, friends, the dogs and this beautiful place.

I will also really miss the every day simple routine I have had here.

Waking up with fresh air from sleeping with the windows open.

our bedroom window


Grandparents in, parents out

Yesterday Will and I took Hayes’s offer to stay with Lily so both Will and I could go out and do something together.

Trust me, she didn’t have to offer twice! πŸ˜‰

We left at about 6pm with Sarah and Francis to go to Elkins to have some dinner and to see some live music at the Augusta Festival.

I think that right after we left, Will had more separation anxiety than me this time.

Despite the rainy evening, we had a great time out and avo Hayes had a great time with Lily as well. Until she got cranky…

But it all worked out great and we hope to do it again before moving back to Miami.

el gran sabor, the venezualan restaurant where we ate

live music



As I’m writing my posts this morning, there is a tropical storm going on outside our bedroom window.

I love rainy, gloomy days.

Living in Miami (it’s always sunny!) has made me appreciate rainy days even more than I did before.

There is nothing I don’t enjoy about days like this.

Hot coffee, the sound of rain hitting my window, Devendra Banhart play station on Pandora … ahhhhh, blessed rainy friday. πŸ™‚

Do you enjoy rainy days?


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bedroom window

Lily’s first 4th of July

We had a great 4th of July.

It was a rainy sunday so we relaxed most of the day by taking turns napping.

At around 6pm, uncle Darren and auntie K met us here at home and we all headed over to our friend  Nilsa’s barbecue.

Nilsa lives right on the water so it was the perfect set up to watch the fire works. The view is amazing.

Lots of people showed up and there was lots of food and drinks to go around. It was a great turn out.

Once it got dark, the buildings downtown looked beautiful all light up in the patriotic red, white and blue. It was double the pleasure with all of Miami’s skyline reflecting on the water.

The fire works were great and everywhere!

Two different spots downtown were throwing them at the same time and then once they were over, we could see the ones on the beach as well.

Lily was mesmerized! She loved all the colors and sparkle.

She got to stay up a bit later than usual but it was worth it. It was her first 4th of July! πŸ™‚

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Lily wears a jumper by babyGap and shoes by Old Navy


Rescue in Jude

Yesterday I decided to take Lily on an inspirational morning walk. Something we had not done in a while.

We walked through some of our favorite streets and neighborhood and ended up by the “Hand”, the monument in memory of the ones that died in the Holocaust.

A heavy subject on its own, I had NO idea what I was in for.

As Lily and I made our way through the grounds, it began to rain. (June in Miami, typical)

At the end of the pergola covered walkway where Lily and I were walking, I saw a dome. I quickly rushed both Lily and I under it.

It immediately took my breath away!

There we were, Lily and I underneath this beautiful dome while it rained.

I looked up and there was a star of David with the name Jude on it.

Rescue in Jude I thought. (Just for the record, I’m not Jewish, I was raised Catholic but I’m not a big believer in or practice the Catholic religion. I consider myself a spiritual person for the most part)

The rain, the beautiful chanting music that was echoing through the walls, the light, it was all so magical!

I was filled with goose bumps and tears.

It was the most spiritual and enlightening moment I have shared with Lily since the day she was born.

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Lily by the “Hand”

pergola covered walkway