We love Mimosa

Happy thursday you small stylers!

I have written about Mimosa on here before but, if you haven’t yet checked out this wonderful kids company by my two lovely (sister) friends, you are missing out!

And so are your kids.

Cause not only are these two lovely ladies super talented but, they are also mamas. And you know what they say about mamas, right? Yup, mamas know best!

Mimosa not only has beautiful kids clothing but they also have amazing prints and cards.

There is a sale going on right now and Mimosa is also offering FREE shipping (that includes international) until December 31.

So, get your shopping on!

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hat- old navy. shirt- mimosa (it’s on sale!). shorts- babygap. booties- minnetonka

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

So much to be thankful for over here.

Wonderful husband, daughter, family, friends, we all have our health, a good roof over our heads, food on our table, love…

Today we will be going to our dear friends Michael and Robbie’s house to spend this thankful day with our friends/family.

We at Lil Muse Lily wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!



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headband- me, tutorial here. shirt- Mimosa (please excuse the orange stains)

happy thanksgiving!

Sweet home welcomings

I think it goes without saying how wonderful it was to be reunited with Will and with our friends again here at home in Miami.

But, you know what awaits you when you return from vacation.

Yup, a huge pile of mail.

Junk mail, magazines, bills, bills, bills….

This time around however, I had not one but two sweet packages waiting for me.

Well, one was for Lily and the other was for me and Lily.

Our sweet friends Holly and Ariel from Mimosa sent Lily this shirt and Rachel the sweetest and most thoughtful blogger from Hi Happy Panda sent me sea glass that she found in Marblehead, MA in a hand sewn pouch along with a happy panda.

Thank you ladies for your kindness and a warm welcome home. 🙂

if you don’t know Mimosa, head over right now!

sea glass and a panda from Rachel at Hi Happy Panda


Friday night I helped K do some shopping, we had a great dinner at Ola and went dancing at Purdy!

While getting ready for the night, I had some wardrobe issues.

Do you guys ever look into your full closets and yet feel like you have nothing to wear?

That is how I felt while I was getting ready so… I just decided to throw on some of my favorite items and hoped that they would work.

Lily on the other hand, got a new Mimosa shirt in the mail and of course had to put it on right away. (thank you Holly and Ariel!)

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on me: headscarf- stole it from K (don’t tell her). earrings- Anthropologie. shirt- Zara. bag- Zara. skirt- Gap. booties- F21

on Lily: shirt- Mimosa.rain boots- Zulily


Mamas & their babies

When I think of my early 20’s, I think of my dear friend Holly.

That’s when we met you see.

Both of our younger brothers had just started freshman year in high school, were good friends and thought that both she and I should meet.

They were right!

The moment Holly and I met, it was like we had been friends for the longest time yet, it was the most perfect timing to meet because we needed each other so.

We shared so many of the same interests, music, art, crafts, photography, food, candy, nail polish…

In my kitchen, around my kitchen table, we spent endless nights talking, and with the help of Natalie Merchant, Jewel and Bob Marley, we mended our broken hearts and formed a beautiful friendship.

Holly has been living in Vancouver for quite some time now, is married, has a successful business (Mimosa) and is the beautiful mama of two gorgeous boys.

Although I have not seen Holly for over a decade, I know that the day we meet again, it will be like no time had gone by at all.

I can’t wait for that day.

To see her and to meet those two boys whose sparkle in their eyes twinkle just as bright as their mama’s.

(Photos by Holly)


Mimosa giveaway!!

I first met Holly in NJ back in 1995.

The moment we met, we hit it off right away.

Even though we have lived far apart for many years, she is still a very good and close friend of mine.

Holly is the MOST talented person I know.

I’m not kidding, Holly is GOOD at anything artistic!

She is great at drawing, painting, glass blowing, jewelry making, writing…. jealous yet?

She is even great at making beautiful kids! (she has two of the most gorgeous boys)

It didn’t surprise me then when Holly started MIMOSA with her younger (and talented as well) sister Ariel.

Holly and Ariel develop all of Mimosa’s products together, with careful consideration of craftsmanship, resources and techniques.

They strive to create sweet and unique designs using high-quality materials.

There are super cute onesies, tees, prints and cards.


These two lovely ladies are making awesome stuff and they know awesome stuff because they are both moms!

Go ahead and take a look at their great Etsy shop.

You want some, don’t you?

Well, because this is a GIVEAWAY, you will have a chance to win some.

Holly and Ariel are giving away a Mimosa print of your choice.


*Be a LilMuseLily follower

*Leave a comment on here letting me know which Mimosa print you would like to win

For extra points, “LIKE” Mimosa’s Facebook page

You should always VOTE for LilMuseLily

AND, because Holly and Ariel are super giving and believe everyone should win something, they are offering a 15% off discount of your total order until the end of March.

Just enter code FRIEND15.

We will draw a winner next monday.

Good luck! 🙂