Just a regular morning at the park

Mornings at the park are effortless.

I know I have written about how much I love our park but, I really, really do.

We are a small group of mommies, nannies and kids who have been going there daily either mornings or afternoons.

We all know one another now for over a year and everyone watches out for each other’s child.

We have singing and dancing sessions, we have snack time where everyone shares what they have, all the kids play well together.

It couldn’t get any better, we are blessed.

This weekend will be filled with tia Sarah fun, she arrived last night. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!


A baguette run

It was so beautiful out all day yesterday, we really spent most of the day out on our balcony with the exception of a long morning walk.

We walked to our favorite French bakery and picked up a fresh baguette to make lunch sandwiches with.

It was a nice and easy saturday, hope you all had a great day too!

Lily wears:

dress- Old Navy

shoes- Pediped




Is anyone else’s toddler fighting their nap?

I don’t understand, Lily has been waking up earlier in the morning (still going to bed at 8pm like always) and not wanting to sleep the 1 hour she usually does during the day.

Is this it?

She’s only 15 months but is this the end to THE nap?

She was never much of a sleeper but, I miss my sleeping baby…

may 2010

Oh what fun!

Lily and I had so much fun at Flamingo Park this morning.

It is so wonderful watching her really try to do things on her own.

She can already do the slide all by herself.

She climbs up the stairs, gets to the slide, turns around, gets down, and then slides on her belly feet first! 🙂

She is also getting much better at trying to communicate with other kids she doesn’t know.

Which has to be tricky since she is learning Portuguese and English.

She was in a super good mood at the park this morning, the weather was chilly but with clear blue skies…

We had a great time!

P.S.- this is a picture overload post because I feel like the grandparents need to see how BIG (both mind and body) Lily is getting!

oh, hi pinky!!


Weaning herself off naturally

For the past months Lily has been breast feeding only 3 times a day.

In the very early morning when she wakes up which usually makes her fall back asleep for another hour or so, in the afternoon before her nap and at night before she goes to sleep.

Through the months, while she breast feeds, she has slowly weaned herself off.

While she is breast feeding, she feeds less and less each time.

Last night, as quickly as she latched on, she latched off and sat up wanting to just be put in her crib.

I get it, she is showing me she is no longer a baby. 🙁

She no longer needs to be breast fed.

I am thankful that I got to breast feed for 1 year.

I am thankful that my body naturally produced enough milk to naturally feed my baby. No formula ever needed. (I’m not knocking formula)

Goodbye breast feeding. It was wonderful while it lasted!

Here are some sweet breast feeding moments.

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November 07 2009. the day Lily was born


Fall fashion. Day 4


How about that?

You get no stripes and no jeans/leggings from me today.

The temperature dropped a bit this morning so it was nice putting on warmer clothes.

You are getting a profile shot from me (it’s better than frontal anyway) because Lily slept horribly last night (she’s sick). Which meant that I slept horribly last night and have a tired face once again. (I don’t know about you winning Allie)

What I’m wearing: Knitted hat by Gap, Earrings (same as yesterday) are vintage, Long sweater cardigan by Zara, Dress/tunic by French Connection (it’s probably 6 years old but I still always wear it and love it), Tights (my faves, I love how they are cable knit and have colored specks) by Steve Madden and…. Booties by French Connection (yes, it’s the 4th day in a row that I’m wearing them. I might wear them the whole week! 😉 )

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