Flamingo park

Lily and I went on a bike ride the other day and ended up at Flamingo Park.

The last time we had been there I think Lily was around 4 months old and I didn’t really get the urge to return because I felt like it was for much bigger kids.

Well, the other morning there was hardly anyone there and Lily really enjoyed it.

There were different things for her to do and I think she was just happy to be somewhere new.

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this wonderful big tree shades almost the entire park

she loved the dinosaur


ARTsy wednesday

Today’s artist is one of my favorite artists and you all know her.

I’m talking about Mother Nature.

I miss West Virginia and all the nature that surrounded me when we were there.

I miss the cool and dewy mornings, I miss the flowers, the butterflies, the fresh mountain air…

Here are some pictures from one of my nature walks when we were there in august.

Don’t you just love nature?

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Morning bliss

How do you start your morning?

We start our morning playing with Lily in bed.

It’s a special family moment that always seems to be the perfect way to start every morning.

After a little play time, Will takes Lily into the living room where they have some father-daughter time.

It is then that I grab my computer and catch up on emails and start my blog posts.

Shortly after, Will and Lily bring me my cup of coffee. It’s the sweetest thing!

That one hour to myself, is my one hour of morning bliss.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

notice anything missing? my coffee. it had not yet arrived.

Monday outdoors picture

Last week we had many mornings at the beach.

Thursday to sunday to be exact.

The water has been amazing!!!

It is the perfect temperature, the tide has been out every morning with a sand bar in the middle, it is as clear as it could be.

Here are some of my favorite outdoor moments at the beach from this past week.

Happy Labor Day everyone!!!!! Be safe.


McCoy and Lily on friday


A morning at the park

Yesterday morning I took Lily to the park.

We usually don’t go to the park in the mornings (we go in the afternoon) but since I was pretty sure we would be swimming at Sebastian’s in the afternoon (which we did), I wanted Lily to get her park time in.

It was nice being there in the morning! There was hardly anyone around.

It was only us and 2 other moms with their kids.

Lily had plenty of room to roam and have all the fun rides to herself. 😉

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leaves are still a favorite