have any of you watched hbo’s girls yet?
i highly recommend it
written and directed by the witty Lena Dunham and produced by Judd Apatow, these four girls are the hipster and new version of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte

and of course i think you should also watch tiny furniture
Lena Dunham’s independent movie where the show girls stems from

some recent flicks

last night. beautiful movie starring the beautiful and talented Keira Knightley, testing the emotional vs physical cheating in a relationship. oh, and amazing apartments and wardrobe. and people

all good things. based on a true story, this thriller starring Ryan Gosling actually had me hating and fearing him. hard to do




Lily loves the movie toy story 3 (she’s actually watching it right now). out of all the toy characters in the movie, Buzz is her favorite. not Jesse. not Barbie. not Woody. Buzz. for the past two weeks the moment she would wake up, she would talk about going to the Mickey Mouse store (aka Disney store that is a new discovery) and going to “pay for Buzz”. this past saturday we finally took her to pay for Buzz. she is one happy girl now!


Quiet time in Miami consisted of books, toys and Lily in her crib for almost 2 hours.

Quiet time here consists of Lily on her bed with my laptop watching a movie.

There has been The Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan however, the favorite for the past week as been Pinocchio or excuse me “PinoQ!”.

If anyone has any great kids movie suggestions, I would love to hear them. We try to stay away from princesses and such. 😉

Lily and her friends watching PinoQ!

A girl date

Wednesday night I had a dinner and movie date with auntie K.

I left Will and Lily playing in the pool and auntie K and I headed over to Books&Books for dinner and then to the movies to see The Tree of Life.

The food at Books&Books was great as always (love that place) but the movie???

I feel like I didn’t get what I wanted.

Don’t get me wrong, I love artsy flicks more than your average person but, I feel like The Tree of Life was trying too hard. (as well as having too much science/discovery channel scenes)

I also feel like every movie I have watched lately has no ending and I’m tired of “make up your own ending” kind of movies.

Have any of you seen The Tree of Life?

What did you think?

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