new york city

home, sweet Miami home

i am home

back in Miami

NYC was so much fun!!!

it was great seeing old friends, the wedding was amazing and it was wonderful being in the city (a place where i spent most of my twenties)

between my cell phone and my camera i have near one thousand pictures that i need to look through before i share them with you

yes, you read that right

almost one thousand

i’m going to take my time

this was the longest Lily and i had ever been apart and although we were both fine and having fun, we both missed each other terribly and were ready for me to come home

i hope you all had a great weekend and happy monday everyone!


tomorrow i will be flying up to nyc

and i’m excited

Connie is giving me the vip treatment by sending a car to pick me up at newark airport

and i’m excited

and nervous

and nervous…

as i was falling asleep last night i started getting panic attacks

about flying


i hate fllying

and even though i know that Lily will be ok because duh she will be with Will, this will be the first time that i will really be away from her

the longest we have been without each other was overnight

and that has only happened twice

so it will be great and totally weird all at the same time

this will be my first trip by myself in four years

i’m never by myself


so i’m excited

and nervous

and excited

and nervous….

panic attack

new york, new york

happy monday everyone!

it is another rainy day here in miami

seriously, it has not stopped raining since saturday night and… i’m loving it (cause i don’t have to go anywhere, if i did, i wouldn’t)

so new york


it’s happening on thursday and i’m super excited!!

i cannot wait to see our dear friends get married

i cannot wait to see some dear friends i have not seen in a really long time

i cannot wait to have sleepovers at one of my bestie’s new nyc place

i cannot wait to just stand in the street and feel the energy of the city!!!!

sure i’m nervous and anxious about flying (cause i always am and always ALWAYS think i’m going to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but, i’m trying to not focus on that (DIE!!!!) and just be excited

so, i’m excited!!!!


ps- i would also like to just give a heads up to my friends who read this blog that this will be a very short trip and therefore i will not be making any trips out to nj or try to get together with anyone cause there will be no time. but i love you all and will try to make it there for that another time

playing dress up

i have a dear friend’s wedding next month

in new york city (exciting!)

not only have i not been up north since 2008 but i haven’t been to a wedding in soooo long

and i love weddings!

sure i could try to find something to wear in my closet but, it’s not every day you go to a dear friend’s wedding and weddings are always a good opportunity to get dressed up

so….. i stopped in at zara and played a little dress up

out of everything in there, there were three pieces that captured me

this dress (love the bottle green color and i have nothing like it), with this top over it and these shoes

i didn’t make a purchase

i actually left zara empty handed. shocking!

the three items have a bit of a pricey total all together

but i keep thinking about everything

especially the shoes. which i think might be more of a must since believe it or not, i have no dressy shoes

what say you?

love it? or hate it?