And then she was one

Lily turned two years old on monday.

All of you mamas and papas out there know this is bittersweet.

After 2 comes 3, 4, 5, 13, 18, 25, 30, 40, 50… she will grow old and me even older. (AH!!! I just freaked myself out, hope you all know that)

Such is life and as hard as it is to watch someone grow, it is also the most magical and miraculous gift in life.

These pictures were taken on Lincoln Rd on her last day as a one year old. Cause now, yeah… she’s two.

Linking up to Morgan for Small Style.

dress- Next. moccasins- Minnetonka


West Virginia… small style

The weather here in west Virginia has been great!

It’s chilly in the morning and at night and in the 70’s during the day.

Lily has been comfortably wearing light weight long sleeved shirts and closed toe shoes.

Here she is in the library/play room and outside playing with two of her favorite dogs, Lola and Sophie.

Linking up to Morgan, the hostess of Small Style.

top- Next Direct. jeans- babyGap. moccasins- Minnetonka

Sophie and Lola with Lily’s necklace on


I would like to share with you mamas a new online clothing company that I just recently discovered.

It’s called Next.

Have you heard of it?

I had never heard of them until I received a catalog in the mail.

They sent me a kids clothing catalog. (how do they know these things?)

I loved almost everything in the catalog! The clothes were fun, bright and kid like.

So, after studying the site for a few nights picking out my faves and after going through Lily’s clothes from last fall/winter, I finally ordered a few items.

The items arrived in 2 days (their regular shipping fees are $5.00) and I was so excited with what I received.

The items look exactly like they did in the catalog and online and the quality I would say is comparable to H&M. (not as good as Tea Collection by any means but also way less expensive)

I ordered size 3t because that’s what Lily is mostly wearing in babyGap and Old Navy however, everything is BIG on her.

I thought about sending back the items for a smaller size but…. what if they would shrink once they got washed?

I washed them. Nothing shrunk. Colors didn’t fade. (awesome!)

So, everything is big, no big deal, Lily is growing, if she doesn’t wear them this year, she will wear them next year.

I’m still happy with the merchandise and happy I found a new kids clothing company that has pretty much everything I like to dress Lily in.

Next is offering FREE SHIPPING until august 08, go take a look and happy shopping!

P.S.- I’m not getting paid in any way by Next (although I feel like I should 😉 ), I just like to share good things when I find them 🙂

P.P.S.- In case you are curious as to what I got Lily, here is the list:

Red suede button boot– got her a size uk6, she is almost wearing a 7t

Red check dress


Skinny cords