If you’re afraid of the dark…

Do you read the same books to your little one every night?

We were reading the same 2 books (Goodnight moon and The going to bed book) to Lily every night for months.

Until we started noticing that she was getting quite bored and not wanting to sit through the 2 books.

It makes sense, right?

I mean, if you were read the same 2 books EVERY night for a year you would be bored too.

I decided it was time to share MY favorite book with Lily.

IF YOU ARE AFRAID OF THE DARK REMEMBER THE NIGHT RAINBOW by Cooper Edens is a beautifully illustrated book (in a 60’s trippy sort of way) with quirky lines like “if the moon gets stuck in a tree… cover the hole in the sky with a strawberry.”.

Lily was so excited to be read a new book, she quietly sat through the reading not once but twice before going to bed.

I’m so happy that she enjoys Cooper Edens as much as I do.

I found this book in L.A. in the mid 90’s and have held onto it since then. (it was in mint condition until Lily ripped the cover off yesterday morning. grrrrrrrrrrrr!)

I can’t wait to receive the 2 new Edens books I just ordered through (i love Cooper Edens!)

Happy bed time reading for Lily and for mommy and daddy. 🙂




I have been feeling like a zombie lately.

Lily has not been sleeping well at night at all (last night was the first time in a week) and it is really (REALLY) taking its toll on me.

She has been waking up during the night, anywhere from 12am to 4am and won’t go back to sleep.

After spending the whole day with her, the last thing I want while I’m trying to get some sleep and rest is listen to her cry.

I think it would be different if she was in a separate room but since she is still in the same room with us (like 2′ away!), I have just been putting her in bed with us.

I’m aware that I’m creating a habit I do NOT want but, I’m too exhausted and frustrated to hear her cry it out.


I don’t feel like myself at all these days.

I’m all zombie-like just going through the motions.

I feel ugly.

I feel old.

I used to have great posture, now, I don’t even have the energy to walk straight. (Will is constantly making me aware that I’m slouching)

After 15 months of being with Lily day and night (with the exception of a few outings), I think I need a break.

I NEED to rejuvenate.

I need to feel like myself again, not like this zombie I have been feeling like.

Do any of you feel like this?

Do you have any advice for me?

What is the answer?

oh hi! where did you go????

All better!

I was exhausted yesterday.

After two awful nights with Lily, I was like a walking zombie. (I really do need my night sleep)

We ended up going to the library in the morning after all.

Lily didn’t have much of a fever and she seemed in good spirits.

Once we got back home, I tried giving her some lunch but she still didn’t have much of an appetite.

I checked her fever and it was back up to almost 101.

Because she was cranky and in pain, I decided to give her some Ibuprofen before putting her down for her nap.

Well, it was the worst nap she ever took!

She woke up 4 times in the first 45 minutes of being asleep.

Then, woke up again twice in the next hour.

Every time she woke up, she was crying and cranky.

I know that when she wakes like that she isn’t ready to be awake yet so I kept on putting her back to sleep.

She finally slept for an hour straight and when she woke up she was her regular chipper self.

She woke up a whole different person.

Whatever was going on, I think she finally fought through during her crazy 3 hour nap.

She had a great lunch after her nap, we went to the park, she had a great dinner (YAY! her appetite is back), she went to sleep at her regular time and slept until 6am this morning.

Looks like she is all better. 🙂

Lily and I on our way to the library

My dearest Lily,

Bedtime with you at night has been so wonderful lately.

Already washed up and in your pajamas, you help clean up your toys while we sing “clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere…”

You have dinner.

You kiss pai goodnight.

We go into the bedroom and lie on our bed.

You lean against two big pillows, I lean against the other two big pillows next to you and we read two books.

We read Goodnight moon and The going to bed book.

After we read the books, we turn off the lights and go to the window where we say goodnight to the moon, the trees, the lights and mama.

When I say “goodnight mama”, you give me a kiss.

I then turn on your night music and we hug and slow dance for a bit.

You then point towards your crib and I lay you down.

I stay next to you for a bit until you fall asleep.

It has become so easy and wonderful.

It might change but I hope not.

You are so wonderful.

Love you,


A night story

I went out with my brother, my cousin Vitor and his cousin Antonio last night.

It was a beautiful night out.

The moon was almost full.

The sky was clear.

The air was crisp.

We hit a couple of small places in town and it was wonderful to be out and about somewhere different, walking on the old cobbled stone streets surrounded by so much old architecture.

When I returned home, as I sat in the kitchen eating some buttered toast, I looked around and tried to find anything that connected me to this house.

I never lived in this house.

Other than my parents, there is nothing in it that makes me call it “home”.

Then I looked up at the chimney and there they were.

The nun and monk salt and pepper shakers.

I finally found something that I remember having around as a child.

It made me smile. 🙂

It was a good night.

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10 month babble!

I can’t believe Lily is 10 months old today.

10 months!!!!!

She is only 2 months away from being 1!

At 10 months she now has 4 teeth on top and is getting 2 more on the bottom making it a total of 8 teeth.

She is not quite walking yet but is so close and so eager to do so.

She stands up and back down with the help of objects but not quite on her own just yet.

She eats all sorts of food. (including mine and Will’s) 😉

She sleeps all through the night. From 8pm until 7am. (YAY!!!!)

Lately she has been only taking 1 nap instead of the 2 she used to.

She is smiling more and more, but don’t think she lost her serious side all the way…..

And at home she is a little babbling fool. 🙂

HAPPY 10 MONTHS LILY!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you soooooooooooo much!