The first egg hunt

We had an egg hunt for the kids at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden yesterday.

Since we didn’t want to be in the midst of huge crowds, we decided to have our very own private egg hunt and what better place than our very own botanical garden.

Lily was so excited and she totally got into looking for the eggs and putting them into her little basket.

She wasn’t the only one, I think all of the kids enjoyed themselves.

It was a long and exhausting weekend (Lily hasn’t napped for the last 3 days) that started on friday but really, we had a wonderful time with all of our friends.

Happy monday everyone!



Mamas & their babies

Welcome to our first segment of “Mamas & their babies”.

Ever since I had Lily, I have met so many wonderful mamas and babies.

I’m surrounded by wonderful women from all different walks of life, ethnicity, religion.

The common thread?


I have decided to dedicate a weekly post to them so that way I can also share them with you.

Every week I will introduce a new mama & her baby and ask them the same 10 questions.

I would like to start with Patty and Niko who I met through my dear friend Min.


Flamingo park pool

Despite the rainy morning yesterday, Lily and I went to the Flamingo park pool where we met up with our friends Patty and Niko.

It was our first time there and Lily LOVED it!

I can’t blame her, it’s pretty much the best kiddie pool I have seen.

I have a feeling we will be spending a LOT of time there this summer. (it’s free for MB residents and $10 for non-residents)

For all of you Miami Beach mommies, the new swimming classes for babies up until 2 years old start on April 9th.

There are 5 classes and they are every saturday and sunday from 9-9:30am.

Classes cost $30.00 for Miami Beach residents and $40.00 for non-residents.

Happy saturday!



A friday morning at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Yesterday morning was spent at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

Lily and I had rode by on the bike the other day and I noticed that everything was in full bloom.

I got a few mommies and children together and we had a lovely morning playing on the grass, surrounded by flowers under a clear blue sky.

It was the perfect way to end the week and kick off the weekend.

yay! we are here