My dearest Lily,

Yesterday you took a 3 hour nap next to me on our bed.

While you slept, I couldn’t help but to stare at you still in disbelief that you are here and that you are ours.

In the same room that we sleep in now and in the same bed, I took many naps with you in my belly.

I would day dream of what  you would be like.

Well, all the day dreaming in the world, would never come close to how wonderful you REALLY are.

I love your hair.

I love your eyelashes.

I love your cheeks.

I love your nose.

I love your mouth.

I love your hands.

I love your fingers.

I love your feet.

I love your toes.

I love ALL of you.

You are the best thing in the world!

Love you,




Breast feeding JAWS

Lily has 2 teeth on the bottom now. And let me tell you that when they first one came in, breast feeding was no pleasure!

Before her first tooth showed up, due to teething, every time I would breast feed Lily, she would clamp down on my nipple and pull it as her head would turn to the side. (Not fun!)

Of course I would ask her not to do it but this didn’t have much effect at all.

Then, that tooth came in and everything changed. I actually thought I had to stop breast feeding right then and there.

She bit down so hard on my right nipple once, she actually made it bleed. I saw stars!!

I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to scream (even though that’s what I really wanted to do) so I wouldn’t startle her.

I quickly remembered what Naeemah (our birthing classes teacher) recommended to us mommies when the teeth would come in.

So, I pinched Lily’s nose and she let go of my nipple.

I was terrified. Will she do it every time she breast feeds? Can I stand it? Will I get used to it (NO!)? Do I have to give up breast feeding already? (Sad.)

The next time i was getting ready to breast feed Lily, I was scared. I burst out in cold sweats. I could feel the fear my nipples were sending off.

She did it again. She bit me. Again I saw stars. Again I pinched her nose and asked her not to bite.

Every time I went to breast feed Lily, I would burst into cold sweat. Breast feeding was no longer something soothing and pleasurable. Not for me anyway.

It was like looking at JAWS. That little tooth was like a shark’s mouth full of pointy and sharp teeth. When it was time to breast feed, I was as scared of Lily as I am of sharks.

Then I thought about fear and dogs. (Not that I’m comparing Lily to a dog)

Dogs sense fear. And often when they do, that’s when they bite.

I decided to try to stop being scared when it came time to breast feed. It took a lot of preparation but, I would calm myself (and my nipples) down before Lily would latch on and….it worked!

She stopped biting me while breast feeding. 🙂

I’m not sure if it was the nose pinching, me asking her to please not bite, or the fact that she finally realized that she had a tooth in her mouth but for now she is no longer biting me.

I hope it stays that way.

Here is my little JAWS, I mean Lily with her killer teeth. 😉