Funny faces

Happy monday everyone!

We are in Carova, NC and having a wonderful time despite the last 2 rainy and windy days.

The cousins, Lily and Adelaide are together again and they couldn’t be happier. (see funny faced pictures below)

It’s wonderful being together with family in this big house right on the beach where you can hear the ocean all day long and see the wild horses run right up to the house.

I am taking a little blogging break. Until next time!


And we are off!

We were supposed to leave tomorrow night but, since Will ended up having the day off today (thank you Jason) we will be hitting the road tonight.

This morning we went to the beach for a last dip in the ocean and I wish I could say it was great but 30 minutes after getting there, the water was full of fish and jelly fish.

I got lightly stung again, not fun but, at least Lily didn’t.

We did however have a great lunch with our friends Zura and Lien and fun at babyGap where I picked up some much needed 99c socks for Lily and the girls put on a show modeling the latest coats and hats.

We will be on the road until friday night and the internet in WV is not the greatest so, if you don’t see a new post on here or don’t hear from me, don’t you worry.

And now… I have to pack. See you all soon!

having fun in the water before all the sea creatures came

Lily and Lien putting on shows at babyGap

An engagement, reptiles and wii

Sunday we went over to Hollywood to celebrate the engagement of our friends Dave and Tricia. (Congrats you guys!!)

We tried swimming in the ocean but after we saw all the jelly fish and after I got lightly stung, we decided it was better to stick with the pool.

After swimming for a while, we headed upstairs where we ate some yummy fajitas cooked by Dave and played bowling on the wii.

And guess who whipped everyone’s butts at bowling and it was her first time ever? Yup, me! 🙂

this guy loved the camera

their amazing view

Lily loves her future aunt Tricia


And to think…

that we almost moved to Raleigh, NC and took the ocean away form Lily.

It would have been criminal, this little girl LOVES the ocean.

It’s by far one of her favorite ways to spend her mornings.

And with this summer Miami heat, it’s my favorite way to spend the mornings also.

This weekend is going to be a chill one for us.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and keep cool!

All photos taken with my phone. (obviously)

19 years closer

We had a great turn out at our full moon beach picnic last night.

It was just wonderful being around friends while watching the moon rise from the ocean.

I hadn’t done that in forever and one thing about Miami, we get beautiful moons here.

How about you?

Did any of you do anything special for the “special” moon last night?

P.S.- 2 more things:

1- Will and I are totally loving our camera. We took turns taking pictures last night. (Zura also took some too!)

2- We had such a great time being surrounded by so many wonderful friends and the ocean that when we got home, we started looking at Miami listings again…..



This, we will miss

I think I can speak for both Will and Lily when I say that when we move to Raleigh, one of the things we will miss most is being close to water. (have I said that before?)

We live on the bay side and the ocean is only 10 blocks away.

Ever since I lived in San Diego in the early 90’s, I have appreciated ending my days by watching the sun set on the water.

There is nothing like the calm and peaceful feeling of knowing that the full day you just had is setting and tomorrow will be another day.

There is nothing like the colors of the sky and the light all around while the sun sets on the water.

The water, this, we will miss.


A late afternoon visit to the ocean

Last year, in the beginning of the year, Lily and I would go for late afternoon walks to the beach almost daily.

She was so little.

She would just sit in the baby bjorn while on my lap and we would stare at the ocean.

Then, as she started getting bigger, we started going to the park instead so she could play with other babies.

Well, moving to Raleigh, NC is becoming a reality for us this year and Raleigh has no ocean. 🙁 (I’m trying really hard to not get so sad about this since I have always loved living near an ocean)

It’s time to start visiting the ocean as much as we can while we have it. 😉

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!!! (Didn’t this week fly by!?)