Sanchez soup

Every day before I leave the house I check the weather on weather.com.

High of 78. Yesterday was no different. Ugh!!!!

I want to wear tights and boots.

Yesterday we were invited to go to our dear friends Min and Oli’s for some homemade soup, salad and desert.

As always we had a great time there. I mean, how can you go wrong with great friends and great food? (and wine too)

Our friend Sipiwe, husband and baby Cameo also showed up and all of the sudden it felt like a mini Me&Ro reunion.

It’s always fun to reminisce about those crazy old times with Min and Sipiwe.

We have a busy day ahead of us today, a birthday party in the afternoon and a dinner party in the evening.

Let the festivities begin!!

Happy sunday everyone.

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on Lily: top- h&m. skinnies- target. sandals- salt water

on me: headband- missoni. necklace- vintage. blouse- paul smith men’s. tank- lna. cutoff shorts- Will’s old jeans. booties- f21

almost 80 allows for outside eating

Lily and Cameo. 1 year apart


The Sanchez visit WV

Last week on their way to drop off Lulu at college in NYC, our dear Sanchez friends stopped by to visit us here in West Virginia for a couple of days.

Although the weather was not the best when they were here, we got relax, make several garden trips and cook.

Lily was loving her aunt Min, all you heard while she was here was “Min.”, “Min.”, “Min, come”.

On their last day here, we did manage to show them the beautiful views from Snowshoe and we all had a yummy dinner at Elk River as well.

Linking up to Mandy for you know, Steppin’ Out.

Hope everyone is having a safe weekend!



Fun Fair

After working ALL day inside changing everything around in our apartment so Lily can have her own room (and a lot more to do today), we finally stepped out at night.

It was Art Walk in the Design District and in Wynwood.

We had a great time in the Design District with our friends at the Fun Fair and a bit more challenging time in Wynwood.

It is so hard to maneuver a stroller in big crowds of people.

As much as we love to have Lily with us so she can see art and experience different things, we both agreed that next time we need a baby sitter. (Lily was a sport though, she hung in there until 10pm)

Here are some fun pics, hope you are all having a great weekend!


Lily, art within art

On saturday we took avo Hayes and avo Joao to our friend Oli’s Swamp Space Art Gallery. With the exception of the avos (grandparents in Portuguese), we had all been there before and we love going and showing our support.

The exhibit was of Oli’s late brother Adolfo’s work. It was full of great colors and references from the 80’s in New York.

Lily is no stranger to art. We have some of my paintings hanging in our apartment and we have gone to art shows and art museums with her before.

Sometimes she doesn’t care for it, sometimes she is all about it. (Isn’t that the way art goes….)

After Swamp Space, we walked around to some of the other galleries in the Design District that were having the Art Walk.

One of the exhibits had a washing machine with with a laundry basket on it and a shelf above it with 3 bottles of ALL detergent. Because I could see that Lily was a bit bored and cranky (and because I like to be somewhat artsy with other people’s art), I placed Lily inside the basket on top of the running washing machine.

She loved it!! She had the biggest smile on her face, she was so happy!

Maybe Lily takes after her aunt Min and is a bit of a performance artist herself… 😉

Here is Lily in the Design District during Art Walk this past saturday. Lily wears a dress by babyGap.