A new baby

Don’t get all excited with this title.

I’m simply talking about the beautiful new orchid that Lily and Will got me on sunday.

I consider my plants my babies too. (one of which I have had since 1998)

I love this new one’s color and the size of it’s small flowers.

It’s supposed to bloom 3 times a year.

I’m excited. 🙂



Pistils and petals

I love taking pictures of flowers.

I could seriously take pictures of them ALL day.

In different angles, in different light, I never get tired. (specially with the new camera!)

Here are some shots of our orchid, and the flowers in the courtyard.

What do you like to take pictures of other than your child?



Daylight sunday

When I woke up yesterday morning I had no idea that daylight savings had taken place.

Did that happen to any of you?

We had a great sunday.

Uncle Darren came over for lunch and a nap 😉 , we walked around Lincoln Rd and checked out the vintage market, checked out some art at the Lincoln Rd Gallery and some books at Books&Books.

Before we knew it, it was 7pm and we were still out and about!

How was your weekend?

home made salsa by Will



A blissful friday morning

This morning started out with a surprising cup of espresso in a cup that I had purchased a while ago (picture 1) and love but hardly use. I usually have my coffee in the same mug but because our coffee maker broke this morning (not so blissful), Will surprised me with an alternative. Thank you!

I had plans to just kind of chill out at home and maybe do some laundry this morning since there was no library but, our cranky Lily (also not so blissful) had other plans in mind. (picture 2)

Since being outside always makes her feel better, I got us both ready and we headed out.

Am I ever so thankful to Lily for making us go out for a walk! Lincoln Rd looks so beautiful right now. There are flowers EVERYWHERE!!!!

We checked out some art (pictures 7 and 8. I like to call my self portrait Mona Claudia ;)), the water fountains (pictures 17 and 18) but our favorites were ALL (and I do mean ALL, look at all the pictures below) the amazing different kinds of orchids in all different colors that decorate the trees. If you are on Lincoln Rd, please look up and check them out, they are breathtaking!

It truly was a blissful friday morning.


Things we LOVE!

Our orchid!

This orchid has been on the balcony now for quite sometime because it stopped blooming.

It was just leaves for quite sometime. Orchids usually only bloom once a year.

Then, all of the sudden, a stem started growing. And soon enough little buds were growing on that stem.

Lily and I go on the balcony every morning and check on it.

We are SO happy to finally see a fully opened orchid on there. 🙂

Here it is, the first opened orchid with many little buds to follow.