Christmas eve

On Christmas eve we made a big dinner, Lily got to open her ornament present (a tradition we started least year), we read The night before Christmas, she left cookies and milk for Santa and once she was asleep, we adults sat by the fire.

It was just like how it’s supposed to be, with family.

Happy monday and I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!


The elephant parade

When I first started planning out Lily’s room, I thought of owls.

I was obsessed with owls. (hoo-hoo!)

However, with time, those owls have actually turned into elephants. (with the trunk up for good luck of course)

It started with last Christmas’s elephant ornament.

Unfortunately these lovely elephants are wrapped up in a drawer until the day Lily will have her own room.

They have a bit longer to wait…

aren’t they cute?



My dearest Lily,

Tradition is a wonderful thing that both pai and I believe in although we don’t consider ourselves too traditional. (as you get older you will be able to see this for yourself 😉 )

It was so difficult Christmas shopping for you this year.

You are still so little and not too much into anything in particular.

Sure we could have gotten you a bunch of toys but, we don’t really believe in that.

So, a tradition started this Christmas.

We got you your first Christmas tree ornament with one to follow on every Christmas.

Hopefully when you get older you will have quite the collection to look back on and remember all the wonderful Christmases we had together.

I love you cheeky cheeky,

your mama