Thursday afternoon.

Me: “Lily, would you like to paint?”

Lily: “Yeah! Woohoo! Paint!”

Me: “Alright!”

I grabbed the paints, the brushes and set up the painting station.

Lily stuck brushes in almost all 10 containers.

Then she did 1 brush stroke in white. 2 brush strokes in red. 1 brush stroke in blue. 1 brush stroke in green. 1 brush stroke in yellow and 1 brush stroke in brown.

I guess she was feeling like a minimalist that day because it was the shortest painting session. Ever.

It took longer to set and clean up.

Happy saturday everyone!

a canvas


I’m pretty much a city girl at heart. Not a big NYC girl but, a smaller city girl.

I like to be able to walk/ride out of my house and have everything at reach. Another reason I like living in cities is because I don’t drive. I haven’t since 1994. (yes, seriously)

The country girl in me however, dreams of a house in the middle of nowhere where the only things you can hear are birds and the leaves of the trees blowing in the wind.

I must admit though that it’s not necessarily the house in the country that I dream about but, the studio next to the house in the country.

A painting studio to be exact.

I dream of great studios in the likes of Frida Kahlo’s and Gustav Klimt’s where there are so many windows and great light throughout.

You see, I miss painting. I miss being creative.

I haven’t seriously painted since before I got pregnant with Lily and I miss the 10-12 hour painting days I used to have.

I don’t consider myself a great painter by any means, but I get great satisfaction from painting. I love to start with a blank canvas and by the time I’m done, there is something there to look at.

The artist/painter in me has been dead for too long. Sounds a bit dramatic huh? Ok, the artist/painter in me has been asleep for too long and I feel the need to awaken it!

I created 1 body of work last year. Out of 365 days, I painted 1 canvas. That is not enough.

Due to the lack of space and time I have tried to be creative through photography, headbands, jewelry but, thousands of pictures do not measure up to one painting.

My painting soul is starving and I must feed it!

A mommy friend of mine who lives in a studio with her husband and daughter once told me “if you have mental space, you do not need physical space”. Those words haunt me often.

I feel like I can only get mental space if I have physical space. And physical space I do not have.

So, if there is one thing I wish 2012 brings is space. Space and time to paint.

the great Frida Kahlo in her studio

the great Gustav Klimt and his studio

my easel on the balcony

A canvas

Happy friday everyone!

On wednesday I gave Lily her first canvas to paint.

Excited to have something bigger to paint on, she took her time dipping her small brush (i like using smaller brushes too) into all the different color containers.

She painted for about 20-30 minutes and only really filled 1/4 of the canvas.

My plan for this canvas is to bring it out every time Lily wants to paint and let her really fill the whole space with color and layers.

I also want to date every happening in the back.

In the mean while it is on her dresser leaning on the wall and she is pretty proud.

I wish you all a great weekend. It will be our last weekend here before we leave for WV. Lots to do!


Painted leaves

Yesterday on a little walk to the bodega, Lily and I picked up some leaves from the ground.

A few days ago, I had thought that it would be fun to paint leaves and see their prints on paper.

Well…. I was right, it was fun!

Lily had a great time picking out all the different colors, she enjoyed painting the leaves but, most of all, she really liked seeing their print on the paper.

If you enjoy doing fun art projects with your little one, you should try painting some leaves. It’s a good way to teach them colors and introduce them to different textures. 🙂


Los ninos son un amor

On tuesday we had our first Buzzy Kids Playdate hosted by Patricia and Samantha.

It was wonderful because it was at the park by our house and everyone got to join!

This first art play date was all about the primary colors and what other colors they create when mixed together.

Even though the smaller toddlers were only interested for a bit and distracted by the playground, the bigger kids really enjoyed the art project and at the end everyone had a wonderful time.

We look forward to more Buzzy Kids Playdates! 🙂

P.S.- We are also super happy to have back our friends Sherrie and McCoy.

Linking to Morgan, the hostess of Small Style.



Lily painted twice yesterday, in the morning and then again later in the afternoon.

It was like she woke up inspired because she grabbed all her painting materials first thing in the morning (hello, before 9am?) and she was ready to paint!

If you haven’t purchased any art supplies for your little one, I highly recommend that you do.

We use the crayola washable paints and they are great! (you can find them at Target)

The colors are nice and bright and they totally wash off easily.

I also put something down on the floor even though we have hard wood floors and the paint would be easy to wash off. (you can use any old towels or sheets)

Sometimes the set-up and the clean-up take longer than the actual painting time but, it’s always worth it.

Try it! 🙂

My dearest Lily,

You are 20 months today, exactly 4 months away from turning 2 years old.

I can’t believe how fast time is flying and that you will be 2 years old in such little time.

You are quite the little person these days, your personality and the person you are (and will be) is full on here.

You are smart, you are funny, you are independent but like to stay close, you are determined, you are stubborn.

Books are still your favorites however, lately you have been quite the artsy girl.

You love your new washable markers as well as my color pencils.

Painting time lately is initiated by you. You go get the painting apron, the containers, the brushes and then you yell out “mommy!”

I love that you have been initiating painting time, it shows me that you really do enjoy it.

Potty training is close I tell you.

This past week, every time you poop in your diaper, you go get a diaper and wipes and then you come get me to change you. Thank you for not attempting to change your own diaper.

You say new words both in English and in Portuguese every day.

Yesterday while looking at your dinosaur book, you said “big” and “bad” and while playing with your stuffed animals you said “sapo” (frog in Portuguese) and Nat (the frog’s name).

Your favorite thing to say is “e meu!” (it’s mine in Portuguese). You say this pretty much for everything lol. If someone tries to take something you are holding, you say “e meu!”. If we touch your arm, leg, hand, foot, whatever, and you don’t want us to, you say “e meu!”. If we are in your personal space and you don’t want us there, you say “e meu!”.

While out and about you are still the serious Lily you have always been however, your pai and I know you better than that.

We love you ratinha, happy 20 months.