My dearest Lily,

Bedtime with you at night has been so wonderful lately.

Already washed up and in your pajamas, you help clean up your toys while we sing “clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere…”

You have dinner.

You kiss pai goodnight.

We go into the bedroom and lie on our bed.

You lean against two big pillows, I lean against the other two big pillows next to you and we read two books.

We read Goodnight moon and The going to bed book.

After we read the books, we turn off the lights and go to the window where we say goodnight to the moon, the trees, the lights and mama.

When I say “goodnight mama”, you give me a kiss.

I then turn on your night music and we hug and slow dance for a bit.

You then point towards your crib and I lay you down.

I stay next to you for a bit until you fall asleep.

It has become so easy and wonderful.

It might change but I hope not.

You are so wonderful.

Love you,


Lazy family day

Yesterday was by far one of the laziest family days we have had in a long time.

I know that many of you were out and about shopping black friday deals however, we stayed in our pajamas and did not leave the house ALL day.

We ate, ate, watched tv, ate, napped, ate, ate, watched tv, slept.

It was wonderful!!

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Road trip

We decided to leave to West Virginia thursday night instead of friday like we were supposed to.

We were so anxious that we just quickly packed, loaded up the car and drove away!

It was a long but smooth ride. Will drove straight pretty much the whole way.

We stopped for an hour nap somewhere in South Carolina but that was pretty much it.

Lily did really well. She’s so good.

We arrived yesterday afternoon and it feels sooooooo good to be here. 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We are having a great time with our family. (lots of pictures to come)


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gas and water stop


Lily’s first BOOM!

Today Lily had her first BOOM! She fell off her lounger.

It was around 8:45a.m. and I was just waking up when I heard a big BANG followed by a loud scream which was then followed by crying.

Will was making coffee and Lily was in her lounger. She wasn’t strapped in. Lately we have been really good at strapping her in because she has started twisting and turning trying to get out but he assumed that she wasn’t going anywhere.

And that’s just what happened. She twisted and turned herself right off of it. It wasn’t a big fall, she was only 5″-6″ off the ground.

When I came into the living room, I didn’t know who was more traumatized, Lily who was still crying, or Will who looked like he wanted to cry.

After some TLC from both me and Will, Lily soon stopped crying and she was fine. Not one scratch, not one bump.

I’m not sure if Will will recover though….

Here is Lily cool as a pickle chilling on the couch wearing pajamas by babyGap that were a gift from uncle Darren.

Must have of the day


I felt run down all last week but pushed myself anyway. Well, it caught up to me.

I woke up at 3:00a.m. and could hardly swallow. My throat was on fire.

When it was time to wake up this morning, my body did not want to get out of bed. It was all achy….

I’m going to try to get lots of rest and will probably not be doing any posts for the next couple of days because I want to feel better. Not just for myself bu also because I want to give Lily my 110%. 😉

Here we are in Naples on saturday, Lily wears a hat by Patagonia. And sunday when I was already feeling not so great. Lily wears pajamas by Old Navy.

West coast sunset

Lily was feeling much better by the time she woke up on saturday and since we had promised our friends we would pay them a visit, to Naples we went this weekend.

Despite me feeling completely run down, we had a great time on the west coast of Florida.

The best moment was watching the sun set on the ocean.

We went to the beach at around 7p.m., did some swimming, collected pretty shells (much prettier than the ones we get here in Miami) and then walked towards the Naples pier to catch one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen in a while.

Watching the sun set on the ocean reminded me of when I used to live in San Diego, CA. San Diego has the most beautiful sunsets.

My favorite thing to do when I lived there was to go sit on a cliff in La Jolla and watch the sun set on the ocean while listening to the waves crash on the cliffs. It always seemed like the most wonderful way to end the day.

It was a short trip, it seemed like a short weekend altogether but well worth it! We even saw a dolphin swimming around during the sunset. 🙂

Here are some wonderful moments from this weekend, including the beautiful sunset. Lily wears a hat by Patagonia and pajamas by Old Navy.


Things we LOVE!

We ordered these monkey pajamas from Old Navy for Lily because I like to call her my “Cheeky Monkey”.

We LOVE them!!

They are soft, easy to put on and take off and you can’t beat the print!

We got her size 6-12 months and they are a little big but she has outgrown size 3-6 months in most things.

She is quite the “Cheeky Monkey” in her monkey pajamas. 😉

Here is a happy Lily waking up this morning after sleeping in her monkey pajamas by Old Navy.

So little yet taking over already

We received Lily’s new interlocking foam floor mat today that we got from Soft Tiles.

It’s wonderful! We have been wanting it for a while so Lily can get more tummy time and have something soft to play on later however, it takes up the whole living room.

Again, living in a small 1 bedroom, we have limited space. Will and I have become experts on creating space where there isn’t any. lol

So until we move (hopefully sooner than later) and until Lily gets her room, we will just all have fun on this mat in the middle of the living room and make do! 🙂

Here is Lily enjoying herself on her Soft Tiles in a bodysuit by Old Navy, pants and socks by babyGap. And all of us having some fun before Lily’s bed time. Lily wears pink pajamas by babyGap.