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Before getting here, I never even took into consideration the fact that I would be single parenting Lily for a month.

I thought about the flight, seeing my family, diapers, wipes, what clothes to bring, everything except for single parenting.

It has not been easy. Some days definitely more challenging than others. Especially the ones when Lily wakes up and she is a…. shall I say persistent almost little 2 year old?

It is all good however, my thoughts go out to you single mothers.

Here are some delightful moments from Monte Gordo.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

being at the beach again

shadow pictures


Understanding your kid’s brain

I think we could all use a little help understanding our kids’ brains.

Heck, I could use a little help understanding my own brain at times.

Her name is Carrie Contey and she is not your typical parenting expert.

She is awesome at explaining complex things (like the brain) in a simple and understanding way.

Check her out.

I would like to thank my awesome friend Ulrike who passed this helpful and insightful information onto me. (thanks mama!)