Off to the mountains

I know, I know, it feels like we were just away and here we go again.

To West Virginia this time where Christmas feels like Christmas with family, cold and usually snow.

I can’t wait!

But, before we go, it’s small style thursday.

Avo Hayes sent Lily the prettiest Tea Collection blouse and it got here just in time for Lily to wear it to her bff’s second birthday party last sunday. It was perfect!

Well, I got a little more packing to do and a plane to catch!

Happy thursday everyone.

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Sofia turns two

Well, it’s monday again. Did this weekend fly by for you as well?

I think it’s the fact that we were so busy this weekend that made it go so fast. No down time at all.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Sofia’s second birthday party.

It was the first time in weeks that Lily was seeing all her friends because of the hand-foot-and-mouth disease.

All the little ones were excited to see each other. There was lots of hugging, hand holding, kissing, smiling and squealing going on.

There were also a couple of firsts for many of them. Virginia Key Park where the party took place had a train and a carousel where all the little ones enjoyed rides.

It was an afternoon well spent and I’m glad Lily got better just in time to make it to her bff’s birthday party.

Happy monday everyone!

 Lily hugging Sofia and Dylan

Dylan hugging Sofia

Saskia and Lily