Onde esta a Lily?

Lily is so funny these days.

One of her favorite things to do is play peekaboo.

She covers herself up with something and I ask her “onde esta a Lily?” (“where is Lily?” in Portuguese)

She then uncovers herself to show me she’s right there!

It’s always a good time. 😉

She also puts her arms up in the air when I say “grande!” (“big” in Portuguese).

She let me tape her yesterday after she had lunch.

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Cu-Cu Lily!!

Cu-Cu Lily! I say to her.

Cu-Cu (like coocoo) means peekaboo in Portuguese.

Lily loves peaking through things these days.

While at the library she seems more entertained looking through and playing with the red basket that carries the toys than the toys themselves.

And while at the playground, she loves looking through the holes on the slide platform.

So Cu-Cu Lily! Cu-Cu!!!!!

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at the library. Lily wears a dress by babyGap

at the playground