Dear period,

Well, you’ve come back.

Can’t say I missed you and with all honesty, I had kind of forgotten all about you.

When you showed up, you made me feel 14 again. I cried then with the first sight of you and you almost had me in tears yet again.

As if I didn’t feel like a big pad already having to wear breast shields all the time, now….well, I will have to wear yet another pad. Thanks!

Just to let you know, the cramps that come along with you aren’t exactly the most complimentary with Lily’s teething pains.

Because of you, the diaper bag will be fuller than it already is.

I guess I should be thankful that you took a 17 month hiatus but that made me not want you around even more than I did before.

Since you are back and you are going to stick around, at least please try to be consistent. Monthly consistent.

And one more thing, please (please, please, please) try to not bring too many cramps along with you because unlike before, I can’t just lie on the couch, close the curtains and watch movies.

Thank you,


After running errands, doing 4 loads of laundry and taking care of Lily, those cramps finally got the best of me. Here I am taking an afternoon nap with Lily. (photo by WRE)