Perry Farrell

around here

you guys, nashville with one of my besties and Perry was so much fun!

i kind of wish i was doing it all over again this weekend

we have had a pretty chill week here at home

Lily has been in music camp all week from 9-4pm and has been loving it!

William and i will be going to see her perform with her band/class this afternoon and i cannot wait to see her sing

hope you all had a great week

happy weekend!

Perry was amazing because that is just who he is


morning walks and flowers are still a thing

early morning weeding sessions

and afternoon tiedye skies


i painted some new kimonos this week

cool summer mornings out here

and quiet summer afternoons in here

my sexy chef

nashville was a blast

our high school friend wrote a book and we found it in knoxville while having lunch on the way back to asheville

she and i met in seventh grade. having her around makes everything better

The first time

don’t be scared lol

the first time i met Perry Farrell from Jane’s Addiction i looked like this

it was a Halloween night in 1997 and a customer of mine had given me vip passes to their after party at the club Life

i went with a few friends, we got a table and we waited for their show to end

before i knew it, Perry and the gang were sitting right next to me

we chatted a bit and hung out

it’s a night i will forever cherish and a love that will never end

p.s.- i guess i’m a bit nostalgic of the 90’s today

Lil Baselista

Lily had her first Basel experience last night and what a great night it was!!

At the hotel W (by far my favorite hotel on the beach at the moment. it is fabulous!!), she saw her first Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, George Condo, Damien Hirst, Kenny Scharf and she also took a much needed power nap.

She saw her first live concert. Metric rocked!

And….. she met Perry Farrell!!!!! 🙂

Yup, we caught him at the Townhouse Hotel on his way out.

He was more than happy to chit-chat with us a bit and even pose for a picture with Lily.

At the National hotel we were blown away by Miguel Paredes’s art. I think his was Lily’s favorite since his art is super bright, the eyes are huge and there were lots of birds.

It was a rockin’ first night of Basel.

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street art

hammock installation



I need this right now.

To remember how much I love Perry Farrell. To remember how I was once independent. To remember I was once a free spirit. To remember how much I used to love to dance and haven’t in a really long time.