floral, a photo challenge

it’s hard to believe this photograph will be a year old in august

out of the thousands (thousands and thousands) of pictures i take of Lily there are some that permanently hold a place in my mind (and heart)

this is one of them

Lily in west virginia running with flowers for Hayes, her grandmother

joining Chelsey from the paper mama with this week’s challenge, floral

One with the trees

Christmas day 2011 was not the usual as far as weather is concerned for West Virginia.

The sky was blue without a cloud in sight, the air was crisp and not freezing, it was perfect for a walk.

After opening all the presents and a big brunch, that is just what we did.

While some napped, we took a long walk to the the meadow.

We walked and walked and once we reached the meadow, Lily just sat down on a fallen tree.

She just sat there with her hands on her lap, quietly. As if she was one with the trees.

Joining Chelsey in this week’s challenge: winter.

december 25 2011

Through coral

When I took Lily to the beach the other afternoon and took her picture looking through a coral branch, I quickly flashed back to when she was a baby and I took the same picture.

I used to take her to the beach on the Baby Bjorn.

Now she rides in the Ibert on the bike with me.

How fast time flies…

Lily, 5 months old. april 08 2010

Lily, 25 months old. december 07 2011

My best shot

Thousands and thousands of pictures is what I have of Lily.

But one shot in particular always stays in my mind.

It was taken last year in West Virginia while Lily and I played on the grass in the afternoon like we did many days while we were there.

To think that Lily didn’t even walk yet…

As she heard the leaves on the trees blowing in the wind, she crawled over and attentively pointed her little finger.

It was a moment where as I watched her, I felt like her senses had been awakened.

I did no editing to this photo because I love how it was naturally captured.

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Through different eyes

Although I prefer to be behind the camera, it’s a nice change when it’s someone else taking the pictures.

It’s like seeing things through different eyes.

My friend Alex took these pictures of me and Lily at the beach. (he took these with my camera and took lots with his nice Nikon that I can’t wait to see!)

I love them.

Thanks Alex!


Photo challenge

Joining The Paper Mama‘s photo challenge.

This week’s challenge: Black and White.

I love this picture of Lily taken in August in West Virginia.

She was listening to the leaves blowing in the wind.

With her little finger pointing up, it’s like she’s saying “listen….”.

It always stops her.

And she always stops me.

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ARTsy wednesday

Today’s artist is one of my favorite artists and you all know her.

I’m talking about Mother Nature.

I miss West Virginia and all the nature that surrounded me when we were there.

I miss the cool and dewy mornings, I miss the flowers, the butterflies, the fresh mountain air…

Here are some pictures from one of my nature walks when we were there in august.

Don’t you just love nature?

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