Home, sweet home

Well, yesterday ended up being the LONGEST day.

We left West Virginia at 9:30am because it takes almost 4 hours to get to the Huntington airport.

Our flight was supposed to be at 4:15pm but got delayed until 8:30pm.

Have any of you ever flown out of Huntington airport?

Well, it’s the smallest airport I have ever seen, there is nothing to do and there is only 1 place to eat which is horrible.

Needless to say, we will most likely never fly in or out of there again.

We got home at 1am.

I must say though, Lily was a super trooper! 🙂


Only 5 days left!!

Portugal awaits us.

Lily and I will be leaving next wednesday. That’s in 5 days!

As I start getting ready for this monthly getaway, I can’t help but to wonder what Lily will think of the whole experience.

Every time we see a plane up in the sky, I tell her that she and I will soon go on one so she can meet her avo Carmo, avo Ricardo, tio Ricky and the rest of the family.

I also wonder what she will think when she finds herself in a country that speaks this special language (Portuguese) that really only I speak with her.

She is in for a big surprise!

There will be lots of new family around, new places to see, new foods and flavors, I can’t wait!! (I miss the Portuguese country side so much!)

This weekend will be for family.

I want Lily and I to spend as much time with Will as possible since we won’t see him for 2 weeks. (that is the longest we have ever been apart 🙁 )

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Here are some of my favorite places that I look forward to sharing with Lily.

the baixo e alto Alentejo