This past week

This past week, Lily and I did our best to pick up where we left off and have our regular routine back by going to the park, the library, bike rides (i missed Sally like crazy!), walks on Lincoln Rd, having painting and playing sessions at home and swimming at Flamingo pool.

We are trying to spend as much time together as a family (D and K included) because Lily and I will be leaving for Portugal on monday for 1 month and Will is not coming with us this year. 🙁

A month is a long time, it’s the longest we will be apart.

Oh! And I became an aunt on wednesday!! My brother and his girlfriend in Portugal welcomed their first baby to the world.

I’m so excited to be meeting baby Dicky on tuesday. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

a family walk down Lincoln Rd

a bike ride to the library

Lily painting in her room


An engagement, reptiles and wii

Sunday we went over to Hollywood to celebrate the engagement of our friends Dave and Tricia. (Congrats you guys!!)

We tried swimming in the ocean but after we saw all the jelly fish and after I got lightly stung, we decided it was better to stick with the pool.

After swimming for a while, we headed upstairs where we ate some yummy fajitas cooked by Dave and played bowling on the wii.

And guess who whipped everyone’s butts at bowling and it was her first time ever? Yup, me! 🙂

this guy loved the camera

their amazing view

Lily loves her future aunt Tricia


My dearest Lily,

Ever since pai bought you your water wings, you have gained such confidence in the water.

I am happy to tell you that you are now a floater.

Yes! You float and you do it all by yourself.

Floating is something that both pai and I have tried to make you do when in the water but ever since you were a baby, it has been something that you have hated and not been comfortable with.

I think floating and being on your back like that made you feel like you were losing control and I believe you are a bit of a control freak. (jeez, I wonder where you get that from…)

We have been spending the mornings at the beach and the afternoons at the pool and when you are in the water now, you comfortably switch from your stomach to your back.

It’s good to see you relaxed. (not fully though, don’t think I didn’t notice your clenched fist) 😉

I love you,




A Will-less weekend

Will left early this morning to go to a family wedding in Kentucky.

Not only were tickets too expensive for all of us to go but, it’s kind of a child-free wedding so Lily and I stayed behind.

It’s all good except that we will miss Will like crazy.

Our afternoons have been spent at the pool.

At around 5pm when it doesn’t feel like you will melt just by being outside, we go swimming until about 6:30.

It seems like the perfect way to end the day.

Have a great weekend everyone!!



Summer camp sucks!

I’m sure one day I will feel differently about summer camp (like when Lily is old enough to go) but, right now I’m not liking summer camp.

Well, not all summer camps, just the Flamingo Park Summer Camp program that has invaded Flamingo Park and Flamingo Park Pool.

Get this, because of summer camp, the Flamingo Park Pool is closed to the public from 9am-1pm every week day.


When are we supposed to go?

When it’s scolding hot in the afternoon? I think not.

Also, there were 50+ kids at the playground yesterday and only 4 counselors (busy chatting on a bench) to all of those 50+ kids.

It was insane!!

All the kids were 5 and older and they were running like crazy all over the place.

Lily was the only toddler there yesterday and it was so hard to keep her from getting run over.

The girls were all super sweet coming over to Lily, wanting to pick her up and wanting to take her under their wings.

In the meanwhile, the boys wanted to throw cars at her and throw her down the slide.

Lily still had a good time but I think that we will stick to the quiet park by our house and the beach until school is in session again.

P.S.- Let me know if you see a difference in the pictures. Lily took a nap yesterday so I played with photoshop a bit.



Parenthood, a photo challenge

Joining Chelsey over at The Paper Mama with this week’s photo challenge, Parenthood.

Tomorrow being father’s day, I am entering a very recent picture of Will giving Lily a swimming lesson.

Will is one of the most hands-on fathers I have met and has embraced this role of parenthood better than me at times. (i’m ashamed to say but it’s true)

Despite the word “mommy” being the most popular word in the house these days, Lily loves her pai!

“you’re doing it!”