A morning at the park

Yesterday morning I took Lily to the park.

We usually don’t go to the park in the mornings (we go in the afternoon) but since I was pretty sure we would be swimming at Sebastian’s in the afternoon (which we did), I wanted Lily to get her park time in.

It was nice being there in the morning! There was hardly anyone around.

It was only us and 2 other moms with their kids.

Lily had plenty of room to roam and have all the fun rides to herself. 😉

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leaves are still a favorite


Little curl blowing in the wind

I just took these photos of Lily a little while ago and I love them so much!

She was only wearing a diaper because she went head in first into the kiddie pool (she was not happy and would not get in again).

Her hair is a bit wispy and curly because it just blew wild in the wind as it dried. She gets a little curl in the back when that happens. 🙂

She was just so happy listening to the leaves blowing in the wind.

I love her……

look at that little curl!


Monday outdoors picture

We are in West Virginia and will be for the next two weeks.

There have been many outdoor moments and I’m sure there will be many more.

However, Lily and cousin Adelaide playing together outside this weekend were some of my favorite outdoor moments.

Here is not only one but two of my favorite pictures of Lily and Adelaide.

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Adelaide holding cousin baby (Lily) after playing in the pool

Lily and Adelaide playing with leeks from the garden

A different kind of “in the know”

When entering the library yesterday morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see Cari with her niece Amanda.

I had met Cari with Amanda at the playground the previous week and had told her about library mondays.

We all had a wonderful time singing and listening to story time as usual and before leaving Cari asked for my number.

Cari: “Claudia, can I get your number? You seem to be the mom in the know”.

A quick flashback went through me.

Not too long (but yet what seems to be lifetime ago) when I worked retail, I was the one my co-workers would refer customers and hotel guests to.

Back then, I was in the know of the hottest clubs, restaurants, lounges, anything that had to do with going out on this beach on any day of the week.

How my life has changed, I quickly thought to myself.

Me: “When did that happen?”

Now I’m in the know of library mondays, afternoon pool tuesdays at Sebastian’s, meet-up beach thursdays, music classes, free museum days, diapers, cereal, strollers, bottles, blankets….anything that has to do with babies.

A big smile came across my face….thank you Lily! 🙂

Lily and I on the way to the library. Lily wears a hat by Patagonia and dress by babyGap

Must have of the day

It was so hot yesterday afternoon I didn’t know what to do with Lily.

She was tired of being in the house but I didn’t want to take her downstairs to the pool because at that time of the day, the sun is on that side and even the pool is hot.

I decided to put her little bath tub on the balcony and with a watering can, fill it with water.

She had sooooo much fun!

So what if we don’t have a yard with a kiddie pool?

We have a balcony and a tub. And that is a “Must”!

loving it!!


Things we LOVE!

Our friend Kris who we met at the park with her two little cuties Taylor and Sebastian invited us to their pool yesterday afternoon.

She lives right down the street and has decided to make tuesday afternoons pool time for Sebastian and his little friends. We LOVE that idea!!

Along with Lily and I, Dylan was also there with his mommy, Barbara.

We had a wonderful time swimming and playing and are already looking forward to next tuesday.

(We were sad that our friends Claudia and Sofia weren’t there but hopefully they will make it next week along with some other mommies and their babies. :))

Dylan, Lily and Sebastian

Lily wears a swim diaper by Kushies


In between rain storms

Despite all the rain over the weekend (it’s officially rainy season), we had a wonderful weekend.

On friday, a big rainstorm and loss of electricity inspired us to take out the RummiKub game board and play a couple of games. When I was pregnant with Lily, Will and I used to play all the time! It was wonderful to have her out of the belly and join us. 😉 At night I took some pictures of some of my favorite decorative objects in our apartment. The lighting was perfect!

Lily wears a onesie that was a gift


Must have of the day

A backyard!!!!

I dream of a house with a yard. To plant, to explore all that nature has to offer…..

I think Lily dreams of one too. 😉

In the meanwhile, we will continue to explore our little “backyard” (the small area surrounding the pool in our building).

Here are some wonderful little curly vines that were hidden underneath the leaves in one of the bushes around the pool.