Things we LOVE!

Our friend Kris who we met at the park with her two little cuties Taylor and Sebastian invited us to their pool yesterday afternoon.

She lives right down the street and has decided to make tuesday afternoons pool time for Sebastian and his little friends. We LOVE that idea!!

Along with Lily and I, Dylan was also there with his mommy, Barbara.

We had a wonderful time swimming and playing and are already looking forward to next tuesday.

(We were sad that our friends Claudia and Sofia weren’t there but hopefully they will make it next week along with some other mommies and their babies. :))

Dylan, Lily and Sebastian

Lily wears a swim diaper by Kushies


In between rain storms

Despite all the rain over the weekend (it’s officially rainy season), we had a wonderful weekend.

On friday, a big rainstorm and loss of electricity inspired us to take out the RummiKub game board and play a couple of games. When I was pregnant with Lily, Will and I used to play all the time! It was wonderful to have her out of the belly and join us. 😉 At night I took some pictures of some of my favorite decorative objects in our apartment. The lighting was perfect!

Lily wears a onesie that was a gift


Must have of the day

A backyard!!!!

I dream of a house with a yard. To plant, to explore all that nature has to offer…..

I think Lily dreams of one too. 😉

In the meanwhile, we will continue to explore our little “backyard” (the small area surrounding the pool in our building).

Here are some wonderful little curly vines that were hidden underneath the leaves in one of the bushes around the pool.


Fun in the pool

Before Lily came along, Will and I hardly ever used the pool in our building.

We are definitely bigger fans of the ocean however, having the pool right downstairs has been a wonderful thing. It is much easier to just grab a few things and go downstairs instead of grabbing a whole bunch of stuff and walk 30 minutes to the beach.

Lily loves the pool! She splashes around, kicks her legs , floats in her floaty, she just has the best time!

The pool area is not a large area. There is barely enough room to walk around the pool and there is not much room for chairs and some tables however, there are wonderful flowers and vines all around it. Some even end up in the pool, floating delicately in the water.

Spending time at the pool with Lily has given me the opportunity to explore all the wonderful nature treasures in our “backyard”.

Here are some shots our sunday afternoon at the pool.