One of my biggest challenges with Lily is teaching her Portuguese.

Not because it’s hard for her but, because it’s hard for me.

After living here in the U.S for 24 years, English is actually easier for me than Portuguese. (I know, sad)

Even though Will makes an effort to speak Portuguese to Lily (he is learning along with her), I am the only one speaking it to her. (I only speak Portuguese to her)

It would be helpful if my family was around and she would have them speaking Portuguese with her or if there was a larger Portuguese community here in Miami.

With the exception of 4, all of her books are in English and Sesame Street is also in English.

So, when I find things like this, I am thankful!

Lily is learning to speak and she is doing a great job at learning both languages.

She does say more English words than Portuguese words however, she understands both languages the same and that is what I care about the most. (how awful would it be if she didn’t understand her Portuguese family?)

One of my main concerns is for Lily to be able to communicate with the people she encounters on a daily basis, the people at the library, kids at the play ground, etc.

We live in an English speaking country (even though that’s hard to believe living here in Miami) so I do think that English should be Lily’s main language.

What about you guys? Are any of you raising bi-lingual or multi-lingual children?

Do you find it just as challenging?