potty training

a night diaper


when Lily became potty trained (here), her diapers became “night diapers”

every night before she would go to bed, she would use the potty (toilet) and then we would put on her night diaper

every morning she would wake with a dry diaper, take it off and use the potty

a few times she actually got up during the night to use the potty even though she was wearing her night diaper

putting on her night diaper became more and more of a mission every night because “mommy, i’m not a baby. i don’t need diapers”

a few times night diapers were forgotten and no accidents happened

Lily has now been “night diaper” free for weeks

maybe even a month

a few times she has woken during the night to use the potty but, for the most part, she sleeps all through the night

and no accidents have happened

knock on wood

because we have yet to buy a mattress cover

it seemed like a long way to potty training but once it happened, it happened and it happened quickly and mostly all on her own

and for that, not only am i so thankful but also so proud of her

happy saturday everyone

My dearest Lily,

you just pooped in the tub


it’s the third time now

maybe even the fourth

before you got in the tub, i sat you on the potty and asked you to do chi-chi and poopoo

you sat there for a while

when you were done you called me

you didn’t do anything in the potty

before you got in the tub, i reminded you to not poop in the tub and to call me if you needed to use the potty again

10 minutes after being in the tub, you called me

there you stood in the tub with poop floating around you



my least favorite part of motherhood so far

i don’t get it

you are so smart, you get things

i don’t understand why this is not registering

you have used the potty many times before

i hope you figure this out soon

i hope we can work it out

so, i’m thinking no more baths for a while

i’m sorry

i just can’t stand poop in the tub

i still love you though,

your mommy

Potty training- still at it

soooooo… potty training. yeah. not fun

still doing it although it’s definitely become an “issue”

while at home, when given a choice between underwear or diapers, Lily always chooses diapers

she no longer wants to sit on the potty either

just today she pooped in the bathtub. again. while in it. taking a bath



whoever said that baby poop was cute, lied

baby poop has never and will never been cute


Listen (potty training)

one thing i pride myself in as a mother is listening to Lily. from day one i have paid close attention to her and have been in tune with her. i need to not forget this and listen to her instead of listening to everyone else when it comes to potty training. she is not 100% ready. some days she wants a diaper, some days she wants underwear. this is the way we are doing things. and i need to continue to listen to her.

Messes (potty training)

i’m not good with messes. i blame (thank) my mom who is really not good with messes. we have started potty training while we are home and well, potty training is messy. i’m trying to put my ocd about messes aside and have a better attitude about this whole messy potty training thing. it is however quite hard for me because messes totally make me have panic/anxiety attacks. wish me (us) luck!