Bunny FooFoo

We are back in Beja and have picked up the morning park routine we left off.

Beja’s public park not only has the “tiny house”, playgrounds, ducks, fountains, a carriage ride but it also has a small section with animals such as chickens, roosters, birds, peacocks and…. a rabbit!

Lily loves the song Bunny FooFoo so I guess it was only fitting for her to name the rabbit “Bunny FooFoo”.

I think going to the park to visit Bunny FooFoo is now one of her favorite things to do.

I have posted pictures of Lily during 2 different visits.

The first outfit is from October 13th and the second from October 25th.

As you can see, one is a very summery outfit and the other already fall.

Portugal has been having crazy weather. Never has summer lasted as long as it has this year. It only started getting cool this week.

AND… might I add that it practically went straight into winter (yes I’m complaining, can I not get fall this year!?) since yesterday was cold and raining all day long.

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Summer version:

Lily and Bunny FooFoo

she often likes to share the bread she won’t feed the ducks with him


A bit Baseled out…

Last night auntie K, Lily and I (if you are wondering where Will is, he is away on business until monday 🙁 ) went to the design district and well… I think Lily was already a bit Baseled out from the night before.

We started out at uncle Oli’s Swamp Space where this year he has some fun kissing booths.

Right across the street was Rainbow City which looked like great fun however, due to N.E.R.D performing last night, the line was HUGE so we didn’t get to go in.

We walked around a bit and did some gallery hopping.

There was a mix of everything as always. Some bad art but for the most part there was some really wonderful art.

I was really blown away by Chambliss Giobbi and Jorge Santos in particular. Their work is AMAZING!!

Lily hung in there a bit (cranky at times) and then it was time to head home.

It was another great Basel night out.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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at swamp space

uncle Oli