My dearest Lily,

Your favorite things lately are rainbows, stars and the moon.

You have been obsessed with the moon for a little while now.

When you see her out, you point and you say “ooooooooooo!”.

When you see her in books, you always point her out as well.

You started liking stars because of my star tattoo on my left wrist.

Every time I’m changing your diaper, you grab my left hand and you kiss the stars.

You are SO sweet!

Rainbows are your latest, and you became aware of them through the Yogabbagabba Paul Williams’ video Rainbow Connection.

You love when I draw rainbows for you.

Rainbows, stars and the moon… you are a girl after my own heart.

I love you,

your mama.


Little Miss Sunshine

In early 2008 I was walking down Lincoln Rd and I spotted this “Little Miss Sunshine” t-shirt in the babyGap window.

I quickly walked in the store and purchased it.

I wasn’t pregnant and I don’t even think we were planning on having any babies yet although, Will and I had a pretend daughter named Lily. (please don’t think we are too weird)

Little Miss Sunshine is one of my favorite movies and I just thought that if Will and I ever had either a girl or a boy, I would want to see that t-shirt on them.

And, well…it is now 2011 and that size 2t t-shirt now fits Lily and she proudly and happily wore it yesterday. (she likes the fact that it has a rainbow since she is into rainbows lately)

She may not be your typical smiley sunshine girl but if she ends up a bit like this girl, we are happy. 😉

my little miss sunshine