My dearest Lily,

In Miami we are, and in Miami we will stay.

After many months (longer than 24 to be exact) of thinking and wanting to move out of Miami, your pai and I have made the decision to stay.

Even though we have fought it real hard, both pai and I have realized that we are Miamians after all.

This is where we have been for the last 10 years and for both of us, it’s the longest we have ever lived somewhere.

You will not be closer to family but, you won’t be farther away either.

You will however continue to be close to the family we have created for ourselves.

Sure Miami is hot as hell half the year. (trust me, you WILL here me complaining)

Sure it’s flat and there are no seasons.

But, you know what?

No place is perfect.

Raleigh, NC could definitely provide us with some things that Miami can’t, but the same goes for Miami with Raleigh.

We are here, this is our home and we are ready to make the best out of it.

We have made the commitment to raise you as a true born and raised Miamian.

And that you are Lily.

You LOVE the water and the beach and how could we ever take you away from both?

I hope you grow happy here.

I hope that here in Miami, we can provide you with a good education, culture and everything else you will need.

I hope this is the right decision, our hearts are telling us that it is.

I love you,

your mama.



Mommy Style Update

Ugh, back in Miami means goodbye to tights.

It means loose clothing (goodbye skinny pants) and time for me to wax my legs again so I can start wearing short dresses.

While in Raleigh I realized that I will have to get a bike with gears, a cruiser won’t make it over there.

That means goodbye Sally. 🙁

Here are Sally, Lily and I on our way out to run errands yesterday morning.

sunglasses- Marc Jacobs

shirt, pants and sandals- Zara (all from previous seasons)

bag- Urban Outfitters


My dearest Lily,

You turned 16 months old yesterday. (I want to scream!)

We just returned from Raleigh, NC and I’m not just going to say this because you are my baby but, you are such a pleasure to travel with.

Our flight was delayed almost 2 hours leaving from Miami and you just happily hung out at the airport waving at people, rolling around on the floor, eating your raisins.

You slept almost the whole flight both ways.

Once in Raleigh, you easily adjusted to the family and house that awaited us.

You slept through the night and napped as usual.

You stayed with uncle Neil, Myra and Duddie at their house while pai and I went driving around and you didn’t even cry.

It is so wonderful to know that we can basically travel and go with you anywhere.

Thank you ratinha for being such a wonderful little girl.

I love you,

your mama

P.S.- Here are some pictures of you with Phillip, your new canine friend. 🙂 (because YES, you still LOVE dogs)



Mommy Style Update

Yesterday was another day in the 60’s but, with a bit more rain.

I loved the Raleigh farmers market.

Will and I will definitely be shopping there when we move here.


I had one of the best home made lemon bars I have ever had (Hayes’s are better) and I had Cheerwine for the first time (yummy!).



A sunday in Raleigh

Yesterday we checked out a few more houses, the farmers market (awesome!), the mall but, since it was a rainy day (and our last one here), we mostly spent it at home with family.

We are going back home to Miami this morning but are leaving Raleigh with a good feeling and sense about this town and can’t wait to return.



Hello from Raleigh!


We are having a great time with family here in Raleigh.

We drove around all different neighborhoods yesterday and looked for “for rent” and “for sale” signs. (not that we are in the market to buy but to suggest renting from those owners whose homes have not yet sold)

We have narrowed it down to 2 neighborhoods where we can really see ourselves living in.

5 Points and Mordecai.

The first even more than the second. It looks to me that there is a great community of young families in 5 Points.

Raleigh looks beautiful this time of year.

You can tell Spring is near, the trees are all blooming!!

Once we move here, it will definitely be a change from Miami but, in the long run a good change. 🙂



Raleigh, here we come!

We are flying to Raleigh today until monday. (ALL of our stuff fit into 1 suitcase!)

The reason for this trip is so we can go house hunting in order to make the BIG move by May (hopefully) and to narrow down the neighborhoods we are interested in.

Avo Hayes is driving from West Virginia to meet us there and we can’t wait to see her and to meet a few family members we have not yet met.

Wish us luck and please don’t forget to visit here and vote! 😉

Have a great weekend everyone!

I’ll leave you with this Raleigh inspired tune.

This, we will miss

I think I can speak for both Will and Lily when I say that when we move to Raleigh, one of the things we will miss most is being close to water. (have I said that before?)

We live on the bay side and the ocean is only 10 blocks away.

Ever since I lived in San Diego in the early 90’s, I have appreciated ending my days by watching the sun set on the water.

There is nothing like the calm and peaceful feeling of knowing that the full day you just had is setting and tomorrow will be another day.

There is nothing like the colors of the sky and the light all around while the sun sets on the water.

The water, this, we will miss.