My dearest Lily,

I know you don’t believe me when I tell you but, soon you will be a big kid too, I promise.

This morning we went to Flamingo Park and you were in heaven.

There were big girls and big boys all around you, no one was smaller than you.

You don’t care much for babies (I don’t blame you, they don’t really do anything) but you are fascinated by big kids.

Big kids can do all the things you long to do. They get to run fast, jump, climb, talk, swing on their own…

As I tried hard to fight back tears while you tried hard to keep up with the big kids, a big smile came over my face.

Don’t we all want to be big when we are small?

I know I did.

Take your time ratinha, you will soon be a big kid.

Love you,


you don’t really care for kids in masks. now you see him, then you don’t

checking out and waving to the big kids

a new move for you


Feels like forever ago

Yesterday while Lily was falling asleep to nap, I thought about how long it had been since I breast fed her.

Then, I started counting months and realized that she is only 16 months, she weaned herself off at 12 months so, it had only been 4 months!

It feels like forever ago.

When it happened I was worried that I would lose that bond with her.

That she and I wouldn’t have those wonderful quiet moments anymore.

I had no reason to worry.

She and I have many wonderful quiet moments and we are closer than ever.

My little ratinha is growing fast but she still needs her mama. 🙂

me, Lily and the moon


Lily has had many nick names these past 14 months of her life.

Before she was even out of the belly we called her Lily bear.

Will and I would sing: Lily bear bouncing here and everywhere… she is a Lily bear! (you know, the Gummy Bear song?)

She has been Cheeky Monkey.

Cheeky Cheeky.

Cheely Cheeky Bang Bang.

And those are just some that I can remember, not counting the ones that Will personally has for her.

However, for a few months now one has stuck.


Ratinha means little mouse girl in Portuguese.

Not to be mistaken with mousy girl!

Lily is my little ratinha… 🙂

a perfect example of a “ratinha” face