My dearest Lily,

You are 13 months today and my do you look so much different from a month ago.

You change daily.

You amaze me.

Just the other day you and I were in the living room.

I was sewing headbands on the couch and you were on the floor looking through the big book that uncle Darren got you.

The balcony door was open.

As you sat in the living room, you looked outside and decided to grab your book and sit out on the balcony but yet still close enough to the inside.

You sat there for a while looking through your book.

All of the sudden, you got up, walked towards your toy basket and grabbed the stuffed deer that Rikki got you. (he is one of your favorites lately)

You took your deer to the balcony and started looking through your book while holding the deer.

You read to him for a bit.

Then, you hugged and kissed him showing him much love! (lately you love giving your dolls and animals love)

You are so sweet!! (when you want to be 😉 )

Happy 13 months my sweet Lily!

I love you,




He’s a GIRL!!!

Lately it seems that every where I go, I have to correct people on Lily being a GIRL and not a boy!

I know that she does look like a boy at times, I mean, she looks just like her dad but, just because she’s not dressed in pink dresses with ruffles, it doesn’t mean that she is a boy!

People on the street: “QUE LINDO!”

Me: “LINDA!!”

People on the street: “QUE PRECIOSO!”


Sales associate at a store: “He’s going to be such a lady killer. Look at those eyes!!”

Me: “Well, she’s a lady herself.”

Sales person: “Oh.”

Me: “But I guess she can still turn out to be a lady killer, right?”

Sales person: ———-(silence)

So, last night for uncle Darren’s birthday dinner I wasn’t going to take any more chances. I dressed Lily in her pretty pink babyGap dress that avo Hayes gave her.

Not only was she wearing a pink dress but, I also put pink shoes on her as well! Lily wants us to help her walk all the time now so it’s time to put those little feet in shoes (as much as she hates it!). Our friend Rikki had given her a pair at my baby shower and they fit Lily perfect!

So there she was all pretty in pink (if I can say so myself). Behaving oh so well….

After uncle Darren opened his gift, I put the crafty ribbon on Lily’s head as a headband. It’s a tradition of mine to make somebody (usually me) wear the ribbons from the presents (can’t let them go to waste!).

Pink dress, pink shoes, headband….a girl was born!!!

I didn’t hear “LINDO” or “PRECIOSO” once last night. Instead, I heard: “LINDA!” and “PRECIOSA!”

Ahhhhhhh…..it was like music to my ears.

Here is our little GIRL at dinner last night.

Lily wears a dress by babyGap

P.S.- I think I’m going to try to make some more of those headbands because yeah…I can be crafty like that. 😉

Things we LOVE!

When avo Hayes and avo Joao were here, they purchased a new friend for Lily.

It is a jellycat elephant and it is now a staple in Lily’s crib. We LOVE it!

It has joined the other friends in the crib (crib toys don’t leave the crib) that help Lily enjoy nap time and wake up time.

Here is Lily yesterday as I found her when she woke from her nap and the elephant (he doesn’t have a name yet) in his new crib spot next to Violet Blabla doll (a present from our friend Rikki), the music bunny that prima Ana gave Lily and the sleep sheep. Lily wears a shirt by babyGap.

can you see those 2 little teeth?

First full dip in the ocean and a floaty too!

Yesterday morning Will, Lily and I were out of the house and on the way to the beach by 9a.m.. We both decided since Lily was feeling better, to go to the beach for a dip.

On the way there, we stopped by a Wings sort of store and picked up a floaty for Lily. We had both discussed that if the water wasn’t too cold, we were going to give Lily her first FULL dip in the ocean.

The beach was perfect! It was still early enough so there weren’t many people there yet (just the way I like it) and it wasn’t too hot yet either.

There were lots of little Portuguese Man O’ War out again and this time I got to get very close to them. They are so cool looking! But don’t touch them!!!

Will blew the floaty up with air and we sat it on the sand close to the water with Lily in it. She loved it!!!!

The floaty is perfect for her. She sits comfortably in it and doesn’t get too much sun while on the beach because the floaty has an umbrella. 🙂 We are going to wait for the ocean to be a bit more still to let Lily float in her floaty.

We played on the sand, Lily got to get her hands in it and have her first taste of sand. We let her get sandy enough that she needed a dip!

We took off her romper and her diaper and in she went.

Both Will and I took turns dipping her in and even though she was so tired and sleepy by that point, I think she was so glad to finally be in the ocean. She has been looking at it and playing by it for months now!

Once out of the water and wrapped in a towel, Lily fell asleep. I have never seen her fall asleep that fast.

She slept the whole walk home and a while longer while at home but when she woke up, she was a refreshed and smiling Lily. 🙂

Here we are at the beach yesterday. Lily wears a romper that was a gift from our friend Rikki and hat both by Zutano. Enjoy the photo montage!


Things we LOVE!

Our friend Rikki who works at Wolf Creek Gallery gave us this Mini-Violet Girl Doll by BlaBla the last time we visited her at work.

BlaBla not only makes dolls, they also make rattles, backpacks, clothing, blankets, finger puppets and mobiles.

Everything is made from natural fibers of exceptional quality grown in Peru and knitted by Peruvian artisans.

It’s Lily’s first doll and we just LOVE it.

Here is Lily wearing a bodysuit by The Children’s Place with her Mini-Violet Girl Doll by BlaBla.