West Virginia here we come!

We are leaving for West Virginia tomorrow. 🙂

Yesterday Lily and I did laundry and ran errands all day.

It’s hard to run errands with Lily in the stroller these days.

She wants to get out and walk around.

Which would be fine if she actually walked straight ahead, didn’t stop to touch and pick up everything off the ground and oh yeah…. stop and wave at EVERYONE!!!!

Here she is on Lincoln Rd yesterday.

Miss social. 😉

P.S.- I might take a little hiatus from the blog once in WV. I never get the best internet connection when there.

tasting plants along the way. have you ever?

waving to people


A visit to Cass

We went to Cass for an ice cream run the other day. (I had to have it!)

It was the many of firsts for Lily.

First time in Cass.

First time seeing a train.

First time on a train. (even though it didn’t go anywhere)

First time eating ice cream. (thank you Dawn 🙂 ! unlike me, Lily only had a few bites and didn’t finish it!)

First time throwing rocks into the river. (we got giggles!)

Oh, the simple pleasures…

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Rocks and water are so much fun!!

Before Lily was born, Will and I would joke about not buying any toys for her (because we hate most of the toys out there) and how she would just play with sticks and stones.

Well, she has turned out to be just that kid! (for now anyway)

No matter what toy we bring for her to play outside with, she much prefers to explore nature and play with rocks, sticks, grass, dirt, bugs.

She must have been listening after all…. 😉