Mommy Style Update

Lily and I went to Ross yesterday.

I was hoping I would find some cute sandals for her since the other ones I got are still a bit big but, instead I walked out with 3 more Eric Carle books.

I looked in my closet and saw one of my Zara tops from last year that when I purchased it, I purchased it with the intentions of it being a “nicer” top.

Well, my social life is close to none these days (sad but true) and life is too short.

So, I wore it casually. 🙂

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headband- CVS



Some new things

A couple of weeks ago Will and I cleaned out Lily’s toy basket.

It’s not a big toy basket however, there were toys in there that Lily no longer played with and we wanted to make room for some new items. (I was tempted to give all of her old toys away but we put them in storage instead.)

Not only did she receive some new things for her birthday and Christmas but, I’ve also purchased some goodies on super duper sale. 🙂

Here are some of her new things.

lincoln rd vintage market finds