Beachin’ it

I know that a lot of you are surrounded by snow in super cold weather and I swear I’m not rubbing these beach pictures in your face.

Beach days like yesterday are a pay back for ALL the horrible hot and humid days I go through living here. (for what seems like 8-9 months out of the year)

It had been a while (october?) since we had gone to the beach in bathing suits and had gone swimming.

It felt great!!!


A beachy morning

Lily and I went to the beach yesterday. (does she even realize how lucky she is to be in snow one week and beach the next?)

It had been a long time since we had been there.

She tested the water, it was too cold!

We had a great time just sitting on a towel looking at the ocean and snacking on some sand covered raisins. 😉

Have a great weekend everyone!


Like we never left

When Lily woke up yesterday morning, the first thing she did was visit her books and spend time going through them and all their pages.

Later in the afternoon we went on a walk down Lincoln Rd and she was just ecstatic looking at the water fountains.

Once at the park, she was so happy to see sand again!

She sat down in it, picked it up and let it run through her fingers for a while.

Then, her friends showed up.

It was like we had never left… 🙂

i love that smile! 🙂


Happy birthday dear Sofia!!

Today is little Sofia’s first birthday! 🙂

I can’t believe both her and Lily are 1 already.

We met Sofia and her mommy Claudia at the park back in April.

Lily and Sofia were 5 and 4 months old.

We have been together almost daily since we met.

They have experienced the many of firsts together.

It has been such a pleasure watching these two little ones grow.

We are so thankful for having such wonderful friends like them.


We love you!

(Now excuse me while I take a long emotional trip down Lily and Sofia’s memory lane)

April 2010

their first play date at the park

their first beach trip together


Little nature girl

Lily is truly a nature girl.

I’m not sure if I have written about this (I think I have…) but, when I was pregnant, Will and I would joke about how we would not buy Lily any toys. (and we really don’t)

That Lily would just have to entertain herself with sticks and stones. LOL

Well, sticks and stones are no problem for her.

Actually, she loves sticks and stones.

And sand.

And leaves!

At a playground full of swings and slides, Lily will just sit in the sand and play with it for a long while.

Or she will walk away and go towards the grass where she can find sticks and leaves.

She loves nature best.

I love that about her. ( I hope she stays that way)

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playing with leaves on Lincoln Rd

playing with sand at our park


Back to the park!

The gang was reunited at the park yesterday morning.

Lily, Sofia and Dylan.  YAY!

All three of them changed so much in one month.

Dylan is now walking just like Lily.

Sofia finally got teeth (2 on the bottom) and is such a fast little crawler!!

Lily was so happy to be at the park again with her friends.

She was all smiles. 🙂

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the gang



The park after hours

Lily and I went to the park late afternoon yesterday.

We played with the sand, went on the swings, the slide, watched the ducks (Lily’s favorite).

We also caught an amazing sunset because we stayed longer than usual.

It was great seeing the park in a different light.

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look who wants to stand all by herself now!


For Will

The weather has been so perfect!

The mornings and late afternoons are cool. I got to wear tights comfortably and have had to bundle Lily up at night since she uncovers herself while sleeping.

The middle of the afternoon is still a bit warm. Specially in the sun.

It was so nice yesterday morning that we went back to the park.

Lily must have been missing the sand because she just kind of sat in it for a while, picked it up with both her hands and just felt it flow out.

All over herself of course.

She is really good on the big swings now. They are the only ones we have found around here.

She misses you.

As do I.

Can’t wait for you to get here so we can share all these things with you.

Love you!