Happy birthday dear Sofia!!

Today is little Sofia’s first birthday! 🙂

I can’t believe both her and Lily are 1 already.

We met Sofia and her mommy Claudia at the park back in April.

Lily and Sofia were 5 and 4 months old.

We have been together almost daily since we met.

They have experienced the many of firsts together.

It has been such a pleasure watching these two little ones grow.

We are so thankful for having such wonderful friends like them.


We love you!

(Now excuse me while I take a long emotional trip down Lily and Sofia’s memory lane)

April 2010

their first play date at the park

their first beach trip together


ARTsy wednesday

Sebastian turned 1 last week.

Even though unfortunately we were not able to make it to his little birthday party, we wanted to give him a little something.

What do you give a 1 year old that has tons of toys, clothes, books….?


I decided to draw a portrait of Sebastian so he could hang it up in his room. (it was also an excuse for me to draw a bit 😉 )

The eye-hand coordination way of drawing has been a favorite of mine since art school (many, many, many ages ago).

I like the way it is unconventional and you can really have fun with it.

I drew his portrait, used color pencils to give it some color, lightly glued the drawing on a piece of construction paper, framed it and voila!

An ARTsy gift!

(Please, please, please vote. Thank you!)

P.S.- Don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!!!!

the picture of Sebastian I used as a guide

drawn, colored and glued


Miami Children’s Museum

On saturday we were invited to meet some friends at the Miami Children’s Museum.

It was our first time there and we had a blast!

There was so much to do. That place is HUGE!

We will definitely go back!

P.S.- I would also like to add that Lily looked exceptionally cute in her jumper that tio Ricky and Anabela sent her from Portugal and sandals that were a gift from aunt Desiree.


A different kind of “in the know”

When entering the library yesterday morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see Cari with her niece Amanda.

I had met Cari with Amanda at the playground the previous week and had told her about library mondays.

We all had a wonderful time singing and listening to story time as usual and before leaving Cari asked for my number.

Cari: “Claudia, can I get your number? You seem to be the mom in the know”.

A quick flashback went through me.

Not too long (but yet what seems to be lifetime ago) when I worked retail, I was the one my co-workers would refer customers and hotel guests to.

Back then, I was in the know of the hottest clubs, restaurants, lounges, anything that had to do with going out on this beach on any day of the week.

How my life has changed, I quickly thought to myself.

Me: “When did that happen?”

Now I’m in the know of library mondays, afternoon pool tuesdays at Sebastian’s, meet-up beach thursdays, music classes, free museum days, diapers, cereal, strollers, bottles, blankets….anything that has to do with babies.

A big smile came across my face….thank you Lily! 🙂

Lily and I on the way to the library. Lily wears a hat by Patagonia and dress by babyGap

Things we LOVE!

Our friend Kris who we met at the park with her two little cuties Taylor and Sebastian invited us to their pool yesterday afternoon.

She lives right down the street and has decided to make tuesday afternoons pool time for Sebastian and his little friends. We LOVE that idea!!

Along with Lily and I, Dylan was also there with his mommy, Barbara.

We had a wonderful time swimming and playing and are already looking forward to next tuesday.

(We were sad that our friends Claudia and Sofia weren’t there but hopefully they will make it next week along with some other mommies and their babies. :))

Dylan, Lily and Sebastian

Lily wears a swim diaper by Kushies


Things we LOVE!

These four! Sebastian, Sofia, Dylan and Lily.

It’s not often that they are all at the park together but when they are, we LOVE it!!

They all live near by, they are all close in age, 6months-9months and they are all growing together beautifully. 🙂

(They kind of remind me of The Breakfast Club. Sebastian being Emilio Estevez, Sofia being Molly Ringwald, Dylan as Judd Nelson and Lily but who else other than Ally Sheedy. LOL)

Sebastian, Sofia, Dylan and Lily.


Monday fun

Mondays have turned out to be quite the busy and fun day for Lily (and me of course).

We are out of the house by 9:00am to meet Claudia and Sofia at their building so then we can all catch the bus together to the library.

Once at the library, class starts at 10:00am. There is story telling, singing, playing and some napping also (Sofia ;)).

Lily wears pants by babyGap and shirt by Zutano