Self worth

i take care of Lily, i take care of the house, so why is it that only now that i’m “working” and earning my own money, i feel self worth again?

nothing like buying something with money you earned yourself

Self. Dresses with boots

Jeans will always have a special place in my heart (and closet) but, I am also a dress girl.

Not skirts. Dresses. Dresses with pockets even better.

I don’t however like a super girlie dress look. I’m a dress with boots kinda girl. (even at my high school graduation i wore a short flower dress with my cowboy boots)

Hope you are all enjoying this new year so far!

left: me with my brother in 1993. right: me in 2010

Self. A girls girl

I have always been a girls girl.

When I was a child, my first best friend was a girl. As I have gotten older, my best friends have always been girls.

Maybe it was the fact that I was raised in a house full of women (while the men did what they did) and only had two other girl cousins until I was 7.

Most likely it’s because I’m a girl and I can always relate to other girls better than the opposite sex.

All through my life I have been very blessed to have had the best of girl friends not just in my personal but also in my work life.

Some I have parted with through the years, some I have re-connected with once again but, for the most part, I have had the same girlfriends for many years now.

There is just something about girl power!

in my great grand mother’s yard. left: me as a 6/7 year old with my best friend Lucia on my left, my cousin Ana on my right and other girl friends from the neighborhood (1978/79). right: me as a 14 year old with Lucia on my left and other girl friends (1987?)

left: high school graduation (1991) with Adrienne on my right and my high school bff Julia on my left. right: with Connie (2010)


Self. Short hair, beach and babies

The picture below of me sitting at the beach as a young 12 year old is the picture that hit home when I was going through the old albums at my parents house this past October.

I look at that picture and I think to myself “that’s me”. That’s exactly how I feel and how I basically look (with practically the same hair) now as a 39 year old.

I feel like I have come full circle in a way. No matter how many trends I went through the years, no matter how many hair styles (there were plenty), I have returned to the natural and to the beach.

I have always loved the beach and the beach has always reminded me of such wonderful summers with my cousins growing up in Portugal.

As an adult I have learned that I like (need) to live near the ocean.

And babies…. being the oldest cousin, in a way I always had babies around and was responsible for babies.

A baby on my hip. At the beach (sometimes topless still). There is no better feeling.

in Portugal, me around 12 years old (1984?) and 38 years old (2011)

in Portugal, me around 10 years old with my cousin Vitor on my hip (1980?) and 38 years old with Lily on my hip (2011)

Self. Barbies, Kens and Skippers

Welcome to the first “self” post where I share the little things that have made me “me” since I was little.

Like I said on here, when I was in Portugal visiting my family, I got to look through old picture albums and visit my young self.

Well, I also got to visit (are you ready) a big bag of Barbies, Kens and Skippers that my mom has kept in the attic.

It had been years since I had seen these good old friends of mine.

I was a late bloomer for sure! I think I was still playing with Barbies at the age of 14.

I would spend hours taking them to the theater, parties and creating a world that I guess I thought was pretty fabulous. (little did i know that Ken was gay and him and Barbie could have had more fun at those fab parties)

Not only did I create a fabulous world for these friends of mine but, I also created a pretty fierce wardrobe for them.

That big bag of Barbies, Kens and Skippers is mostly filled with clothes that I made by hand and hand knitted sweaters (with matching skirts mind you) that I would sucker my mom into knitting.

So, it really doesn’t surprise me that I was taken with the fabulous world of fashion and worked retail all my life.

P.S.- If any of you would like to join in this “self” exercise, just leave me a comment letting me know you did so and link back!

i think i predicted Paris Hilton at the age of 12. hand made fur coat with matching hair band. seriously!

the gang


Self photo challenge

Joining Juliana at Shakti Mama with her photo challenge on the elements of self series.

This week’s challenge: favorite body part self portrait.

For me, my favorite body part (and not just on me but on women in general) is the neck, collar bone and shoulders. (I know, those are 3 body parts but they all go together ;))

It’s a part of the body that can show strength as well as vulnerability.

It’s one of the reasons I often prefer short hair to long hair.

neck, collar bone and shoulders


Photo challenge!

Joining The Paper Mama‘s photo challenge again.

This week’s challenge: SELF.

Continuing with my series of bathroom self portraits, this one was just taken at The Sanchez playhouse.

When I was first taking the picture I was mainly focused on the “women” sign and my reflection in the mirror next to it.

“Women”, I thought.

But now looking at the picture, I focus on the strainer for the sink. And I just can’t help but to smile with the symbolism of it all… 😉

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